Pardon the Shifting Design

In testing mode.

[UPDATE: Okay, I’m going to play with this design for a while, seeing as how there hasn’t been a drastic overhaul in more than a year. If you have any specific requests, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate.]

[UPDATE 2: As an experiment, I have added BlogAds and a donations button to this site. This was not an easy decision for me to make, because, despite turning down many offers from advertisers over the years, I have tried to keep this site ad-free. But if even small literary quarterlies can ask for advertisers or donors, I have begun to wonder if my own diligent labors constitute a service.

I realize that some of you might view this as “selling out,” but I would rather be perfectly transparent with you. When I revived this website in December 2003 in an effort to track literary news, I had no idea then that, years later, it would transform into a second full-time job. I had no idea that I would be producing podcasts.

Now granted, I greatly enjoy doing all this. And I’m perfectly happy to carry on doing this, whether you contribute or not. But with newspaper book review sections dying and the media ecology changing, I figured that the time had come to take a chance. If the newspapers lack the resources to cover literature, then the burden shifts to us.

I’ve been footing the bill now for over three years, paying for extensive bandwidth so that people can listen to the many podcasts without interruption, spending at least twenty hours per podcast arranging interviews, carefully reading books, doing my best to ask the best questions I can under the circumstances, tweaking audio to the best of my ability, often staying up to an ungodly hour so that these podcasts are turned out on a weekly schedule.

If any of this has been of value to you, then feel free to donate or display your ad. If not, or you don’t have the cash, that’s okay too. The site, as it exists, will continue to operate for free. The only difference will be the advertisements in the top right corner.

I can assure you that any advertisements will not hinder my muckraking proclivities nor will they prevent me from pursuing tough questions. I can also assure you that, should this experiment prove somewhat successful, with even meager monies flowing in, I will work my hump off to give you additional content and track down unexpected individuals for future podcasts. If anything, my work ethic on this point is strong.

However you decide, I’d like to once again thank you for reading and listening.]

[UPDATE 3: Okay, I’ve discovered the culprit for IE users. I’ve temporarily disabled the top graphic, so that IE users can peruse this site with the content at the top of the screen. More enhancements to come. Thank you for your patience while I sort out the snags here!]


  1. It’s refreshing to clean house every so often, isn’t it?

    FYI, in my browser (IE6), the left column content is forced below the two right columns. I had to scroll down to find this post. Could just be me, though, since I have this same rendering problem with several other sites.

  2. I like the orange and green part of my Irish half I guess.
    I don’t mind the blue stripe or the fact that you still have Vollman near the top of your side column.
    I don’t mind that you haven’t reciprocated links after nearly two years of me commenting on your blog.
    I don’t mind if you make money selling Ad space.
    I don’t mind that you and I have very different musical tastes and I have usually never heard of your current “Songs in my Head” selection.

    But that picture…..Christ their are kids accessing this site you know! 🙂

  3. I like the colors, but I miss the larger, boldfaced headings which make the site easier to navigate. Carry on, bruvuh.

  4. The green-blue-orange color scheme is a big extreme for me. I usually prefer a toned down color scheme. I’m sure I’ll learn to like it, though. And the picture is a bit blurry.

    Personally, I think you should merchandise. I’d love a Return of the Relucant, or Bat Segundo, t-shirt.

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