“Personal Evolution of the Character” = Spineless Romp with Bad 80s Music?

An interview with Sofia Coppola. At least someone taught her the word “ineluctable.” (via Quiddity):

JML/ Why did you choose not to show MA’s death?

SC/ I didn’t want to show the evasion, the arrest, the guillotine, I didn’t want to ÇreconstituteÈ the whole story, that wasn’t the goal of the film. I wanted to concentrate myself on the personal evolution of the character, up until the point where I could show how she eventually ends up accepting her ineluctable death, way before being confronted to it. I didn’t picture myself shooting in a jail either, and even less so reconstituting it. And above all, I didn’t want to show a decapitated head on the ground in a mix of mud and blood.

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