Pinky Picking Up the Slack

Stephen Elliott, a writer who I don’t believe will ever appear on the Bat Segundo Show, has been ably interviewed over at Pinky’s Paperhaus. One interesting revelation from the interview: Paul Auster Billy Corgan* doesn’t believe in voting.

* — That’s what I get for paying continuous partial attention. Apologies to Mr. Auster for the error.


  1. I have NEVER been able to understand the “I don’t believe in” construction when applied to a matter of principle. I mean, voting exists, whether Auster believes in it or not. Obvs., I don’t know if those are his words or yours, but either way, I’m just ranting on a pet peeve today. I understand “I don’t support” voting or “I’m not interested in” voting but the whole “I don’t believe” thing drives me more or less batshit.

    Time for some coffee, clearly.

  2. The words are Stephen Elliott’s in describing his interview with Paul Auster to Carolyn. And really someone should approach Auster directly (or dig up an interview where he discusses this) to be absolutely clear on the quesiton.

    But I’m with you, Mark. I’d really like to see the Australian mandatory voting system applied to certain areas of the country. 🙂

  3. I just listened to the podcast, and I think Elliott said that those asinine words came out of the mouth of Billy Corgan, not Paul Auster. This to me makes much more sense. (But then again, I was only half-listening to the interview, as Elliott’s soporific voice was partially lulling me to sleep.)

  4. Leon is right – it was Billy Corgan who, Stephen Elliott said, “Didn’t vote – didn’t believe in voting.” Auster is off the hook.

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