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  1. Looks like Sinead has a new photo to tear up (my boss actually repeated this to me — thought it was funny so I decided to use it as an opener). Seriously, as a Christian (with a capital “C” but not with a scarlet “A”) I find the whole Catholic thing about as relevant as Islam. See, you shoul be stuck in 2,000 years ago, not 1,000 years ago.

    I mused with my brother how by sheer inconography, the Pope is both demogogue and his own iconoclast all at once. As a powerful reminder of just how far we’ve ALL fallen and specifically egregious the Catholic Church during the Second World War, Pope John Paul II helped pave some reconciliation with Jews for the Church’s inaction in what could’ve been a pivoltal time for this horrendously out-of-date Bible bureaucracy. There were… shreds of light he facilitated in his tenure. Let very little be said badly about J.P. Deux.

    This new guy I dunno. Everyone was hoping for a Pope from a Third World ( note the capitalization — strange, how “Third World” and “World War Three” are so close together in sounding out) country. Instead, we got one from a country providing some of the finest automobiles the earth has ever seen. Oh yes, and in part, Ed. He’s part sausage (sic), you know.

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