Politics is a Sham

I’d express my malaise about tomorrow, but Jeff and Maud have ably covered this ground. I’ll only say that I’ve never felt so much disgust for politics. On the national, state and local level, we have been inundated with lies, ultimatums, and outright blackmail if we don’t abide by one party line or the other.

Tomorrow’s election is perhaps the most important election in the last sixty years. So I encourage all Return of the Reluctant readers to vote. However, to put my own personal partisanship aside, I also urge all voters to vote who they feel is right for the job. Contrary to the leaflets that clog the mailboxes, no one is holding a gun to your head to abide by some austere answer key. You can vote any combo you want. You can vote any candidate you want. Just don’t become a drone.