1. Did you notice in the post’s text that the account of the arrest is followed by a discussion of AHA’s passing of an anti-war resolution? Of course it is usually a fallacy to link causality with proximity…but I am sure historians got the message passed from on high and responded appropriately.

  2. Right Jim. If we are to use your paralogic thinking, the bitch had it coming because she was wearing a revealing dress.

  3. I just saw “Idiocracy,” the Mike Judge movie that went straight to DVD. There were a couple of scenes me and Miss Patsy, my girlfriend, laughed at hard.

    I don’t want to wreck the surprise of the movie, but I will say that I suspect the Professor was pegged as a “faggoty egghead” by the Phobocop.

    See the movie, it’s worth it.

    yrs, B.D.L.

  4. Hmm…once again a comment does not quite convey what I expected. Not that it really matters to anybody, but I was just trying to point out that in many places in the world currently and many times in the past it would not be a coincidence that there would be an aggressive police presence when a certain group was saying something oppositional to their state’s rulers wishes. Historians of course would know a bit about these things.

    If it came across that I thought the historians “deserved” it, that would be 180 degrees from what I thought. Nobody deserves police brutality, especially to squelch freedom of speech.

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