Put Up or Shut Up

Too many balls in the air. The content here sucks isn’t as grand as I’d like it to be. I’m pulling the plug for a few weeks.

One more thing: Post offices and federal courts closing Friday because of Reagan? The funeral turned into a partisan event? Even Nixon didn’t get this kind of treatment. And I will never eat a JellyBelly ever again. Never.


  1. Ditto to it not sucking, and never EVER apologize. Besides, it’s summer, the perfect time for a workaholic frenzy, er, vacation.

  2. Okay, point taken. 🙂 Unfortunately, it’s either maintaining the blog at a lackluster level or polarizing quality elsewhere.

  3. Edward

    It will be a bit lonely for a while,staring at your empty barstool. But hey,these things happen your legions of admirers will just have to make do and suck it up (for a while).

    Please leave your passport with TEV.

  4. Ed, we love you, man. So do whatcha gotta do. We’ll be fine. We can just wait for you over at Moby Lives or Old Hag, right guys? Right? Hello…?

  5. Et tu, Ed? Maybe all the vacationing A-list bloggers are heading off to some kind of top-secret Bohemian Grove getaway together. Just don’t forget about the little people …

  6. Damn. Why is it that I always get back from a break to find that my favourite bloggers are about to take theirs? But a rest does help. Trust me, I know–am forced offline every time real work intrudes its ugly little head.
    Oh, and the content’s fine. We love it. Really.

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