Pynchon Galleys Personalized

John Freeman observes that the galleys of Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day are now being circulated, with the recipient’s name on the galley.

I just sent the following email to Paul Slovak:


Seeing as how you folks are personalizing the galleys, which, aside from the understandable reasons, is quite nice and saves some of us from writing our names in it, I was wondering if it was possible to obtain a galley of AGAINST THE DAY. If you need a specific name to use, “Bat Segundo” will do.

Thanks and all best,


Should Viking come through with this personalization request, I will post a photograph.

If “Bat Segundo” is unacceptable, I will happily accept anything under the following names:

Mark Foley’s Second-String Bitch
Carmen “He Packs the Banana” Miranda
“Easy Ed” Champion
Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

[UPDATE: Megan observes in the thread to Freeman’s post that booksellers have been told that there will be no galleys. Was Penguin lying or did they decide upon the galleys at the last minute?]

[UPDATE 2: I have sent an email to Tracy Locke asking for clarification on the bookseller galley front (as well as a galley). Locke reports that galleys were planned all along. Alas, no “Bat Segundo” or “Edward Champion” galley is in the cards.]


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