Is it even remotely possible to prevent all media outlets from writing articles about The Wire? I think not. The way some folks have been covering things, the show is the Second Coming. Well, it could be, given that George Pelacanos is involved. But I’m wondering why the media outlets can’t seem to keep their trousers zipped with regard to this point. Is there no other television that matters? And where were you for Deadwood?


  1. I think Deadwood is wonderful, but The Wire is better (imo) and it’s actually nice to see something so legitimately challenging getting the full-court press for a change. The Wire is, without a doubt, the most novelistic, complicated show that has ever been on television AND it manages to declare it’s going to tackle something — drugs, the school system, union dock worker corruption — and not have it be preachy or forced. You’ll LOVE it when you get around to watching it.

    ps – I don’t think Pelecanos was able to be involved this season.

  2. Yes!! Thank you, Ed. I said almost the exact same thing to my Wire -loving husband just three days ago. I lived and breathed for Deadwood and mourn its passing every day. Deadwood was original and beautiful. To me, The Wire is just another crime show.

  3. Now that The Wire is renewed for a fifth season, I think the strident reviews will calm down (though I admit I agree with every word — it’s the new Dickens.) And I’m mourning Deadwood too.

  4. Both are brilliant shows, but “The Wire” is just slightly more so, in my opionin. (I say that, of course, having not yet seen the third season, or any of this fourth. But I hear good things, and it’s in my Netflix queue.) I think there was genuine concern that the show wouldn’t be back, or that this would be its last season, and so critics have been hoping to give it a much needed ratings boost.

    “Deadwood” always did much better in the ratings, as far as I’m aware, and I don’t think anyone was expecting its cancellation. (It’s David Milch’s schedule and his upcoming new show, more than ratings, that led to “Deadwood”‘s premature end.)

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