Raquel & Janis

DICK CAVETT: Do you remember your dreams, Raquel?
RAQUEL WELCH: Ohhh! My dreams.
CAVETT: Your dreams.
WELCH: Which…which ones?
CAVETT: What’s the last one you remember?
WELCH: Oh. I’ve been dreaming nights about that premiere. I mean I just keep seeing pushing and shoving and flashing and getting mad. That’s all. That’s the last dream. But before, um, that when I was a little girl, I always used to dream that there was this ballet dancer and she was doing that — this thing called a forte, which is that terribly difficult and complicated spin that they do. And just doing it, like — intensely. You know? Until there were like sparkles coming out all over the place. And then I can remember this other dream I used to have, where they — there were men and beautiful women on flying trapezes. And they used to do these somersaults and clamp their hands over the bars. It was fantastic and exciting!
WELCH: That was all — that’s the only thing that I can really…
JANIS JOPLIN: Do you know about F. Scott Fitzgerald? I mean, were you ever an F. Scott Fitzgerald freak?
WELCH: Sure.
JOPLIN: Yeah, well I was — I’ve been an F. Scott Fitzgerald freak for years and, uh, Zelda just came out. And, uh, you oughta read it. She was something else.
CAVETT: Yeah. Ms. Milford wrote that.
JOPLIN: Yes. She did indeed.
CAVETT: I’d like to read that. Good? You recommend it?
JOPLIN: Yeah. Oh…well, I’m a Fitzgerald freak. But it gives a lot of insight like you…the impression I got from all the Fitzgerald…uh..autobiographies I read was that he sort of destroyed her, right? But he wrote her a letter and he said, they keep saying that we’ve destroyed each other. He said I don’t believe it’s true. He said, we destroyed ourselves.
CAVETT: His letters are wonderful.
JOPLIN: Oh, so are hers!
CAVETT: Did you think of him when she mentioned ballet dancing?
JOPLIN: Yes. That’s what I thought.

From The Dick Cavett Show, June 25, 1970

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