1. Ohio state just plain sucks balls, ass, dick. Dump the scarlet and grey down the toilet and put on the maize and blue. Let’s go university of Michigan.

  2. Ohio state fuckeyes can blow my dick until I cum. Because Ohio state ain’t nothing but a bunch of cock suckers. Go blue.

  3. Ohio state fuckeyes and their fans and their coach can suck on the maize and blues balls. Let’s go blue.

  4. The Ohio state fuckeyes suck balls, ass, dick. The Ohio state coaches urban Meyer, Anthony schlegel and their arrogant fans can suck my Michigan nut sack dry. Let’s go blue.

  5. Fuck ohio state fuckeyes and their fans they can suck on theese Michigan nuts and balls. Buck the fuckeyes and Go blue.

  6. Ohio state fuckeyes and their fans are nothing but a bunch of poisonous nuts and their mascot is a cocksucker. So Fuck you Ohio state and their fans. Michigan rules Ohio state sucks.

  7. Ohio state fuckeyes and their fans can spill their guts and lie on Wisconsins, Michigan,michigan st, Penn state’s nut sack. Beat the Ohio state fuckeyes.

  8. Ohio state fuckeyes and their fans are shocked that Ohio state ended up laying down on Penn state’s nut sack. Ohio state just got fucked in the ass in the second half. Penn st outscored Ohio state 17-0 in the second half. Ohio state sucks 21-24 loss at happy valley.

  9. Bogalusa LA Selma AL Jasper TX Cicero Il Wooster Ohio . Yes ! That’s some infamous company of my hometown Wooster ! The Midwest on avg is just like the south but with more two faced people and just as much racism and more rigid segregation .

  10. Go michigan state make the ohio state fuckeyes lie on your nutsack go sparty. Beat the ohio state fuckeyes.

  11. Jt Barrett did not get the first down it should have been 4th and goal. The refs messed up the game and ohio state scored. So the refs fucked up the game. I still hate ohio state. Go blue.


  13. At least I’m not fuckeye fan. Go big blue. So Fuck you ohio state y’all still suck balls,ass, dick. Go blue I support you. Maize and blue for life.

  14. The refs messed up the game on 11/26/2016 the refs wanted osu to win against michigan. Osu didn’t show up til the fourth quarter and in 2ot the quarter back for osu was short the call should have been turnover on downs. The refs got paid to Fuck up the game. End of story

  15. you still lost

    you always lose

    nothing you say will change that

    we all hate Ohio too, but love the Buckeyes

    Ohio state rules everyone forever

    ha ha ha still laughing at you

  16. You lost.

    Again. As usual.

    End of story. Cry your way home to slum city Michigan, little baby.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh boo hoo hoo.

  17. Fuck you
    Fuck Michigan
    Fuck your losing team
    Fuck your loaf of bread
    Fuck your ugly salad spoon
    Fuck your back yard lawn shed

    Hee hee hee it makes no sense

  18. The refs put Anonymous Michigan fan’s head in a vise

    in the back of the locker room

    then started turning


    oh my god scream in pain

    hmm we don’t hear much from you anymore, child

  19. Anyomous Im not going to tell you again I am sick of seeing your filth comments on this blog . I hate this state but you are definitely a product of the sick behavior and traits of this place . STFU now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yes

    Straight Outta Ohio is correct

    The Anonymous Michigan fan must be exterminated

    Pause while I finish roasting this poker red hot in the fireplace

    for you

  21. Hail to Michigan leaders of the best and champions of the west. Go blue. I root for any body except ohio state. Go Clemson beat ohio state.

  22. Die Ohio state fuckeyes. Clemson kicked your ass 31-0 ha ha ha that what you get. Ohio state sucks balls and ass. Go tigers you took down the ohio state suckeyes. The refs in the osu and michigan game 11/26/2016 do not know how to ref a football game. I know the osu and michigan game was poorly officiated. If the osu and michigan game was officiated correctly michigan would have won the game.

  23. We don’t care about Clemson

    All that matters is beating you every year

    and we did

    ha ha

    nothing else you do or say will change that, “Anonymous”

  24. Hmm
    Yes, that’s just about right
    the fireplace poker is glowing red hot
    “Anonymous” Michigan fan, over there on the table, please
    yes, that’s right, Straight Outta Ohio will chain you down
    now, don’t worry, this will only hurt for a few days
    …and… aaaahhhhh (sizzle) right into your eye
    ouch, that smarts

    It’s the obvious choice, people.

  25. Why are there so many overweight people in Ohio? Why do people think being fat is cool in Ohio? It’s disgusting!

  26. We don’t care about the “Sweet 16”

    we only care about beating you

    and we did

    see you next year, losers

    ha ha ha

  27. Columbus Ohio SUCKS!!! I seriously hate this city with every fiber of my being. If you’re a single, well to do, educated, attractive black middle aged woman. DO NOT move here. Just don’t. The people here are not intelligent. Out of shape, missing teeth, not attractive and stuck in the 90’s. Everyone’s thought process is the same, you won’t find any progressive thinkers here, or people who watch the news, keep up with politics, or social issues. There’s nothing here that caters to the African American experience. No concerts for blacks, no restaurants for blacks, (unless you’re from Ethiopia), no plays, no shows, no festivals.. Nothing. They do have a few shitty hole in the wall bars and lounges, that’s your choice on a Saturday night. They claim diversity, but it’s not diverse at all, you have poor white people on one side, and poor black people on the other. If you dress well, take care of yourself, and have any self esteem or pride, you’re looked down upon, or treated as a outsider. They literally can tell even if you have no accent by seeing you that you’re not from here.

    The men here don’t usually have careers, and the women who do pretty much take care of them like grown children. If you’re a interesting person with experiences and are looking for a interesting person with experiences to share that with, you will not find it here. The level Buckeye football obsession is down right creepy. If you’re not a fan of football, or the Buckeyes don’t expect to make any friends.

    I’m originally from Chicago, so I knew I wouldn’t have the metropolitan lifestyle that I’m accustomed to, upon moving here. But I was under the impression that this was at least a “city”. Nope. The downtown closes down after rush hour, there is no true night life where you dress up and go out on the town. Unless jerseys’s and Rainbow outfits are considered “dressing” up. Mind you, I’m talking about a 35 and up crowd here, so you would think that dressing like your teenager would be something they wouldn’t want to do. The men are ignorant, brutish, and uneducated, with thuggish mentalities and no class. And these people revel in that. The less class you have, the more interesting or comfortable you make them feel being around you. They are not prone to change or meeting people of different influences then them..

    Worst mistake I made moving here.

  28. I wear michigan gear on campus and I go to old north arcade nobody wants to play me one on one because I’m to damn good my favorite is ms pacman, donkey Kong Jr remixed, kangaroo, galaga.

  29. The females are nasty in the Columbus area. They don’t care about their looks. Many are fat, fat, fat. They have no shame in their appearances.

  30. Hello!

    I moved to Toledo after living all over the place. I had the passing thought that I might stay, but I have known this was temporary. I’ve lived in 3 states, overseas, and in 7 major cities. P.S. I’m a lady. I’ve also had a pretty interesting life, I suppose.

    Holy crap. I’ve been here for less than 3 years and it feels more like 10. The men here are knuckle dragging trash. The women here are borderline evil if you aren’t obese. There is freaking nobody to talk to. Everybody is a raging alcoholic. I have never seen so much undiagnosed mental illness IN MY LIFE. It’s astounding. The labor laws here absolutely suck. Anybody who tries to do anything nice or productive gets taken DOWN. If you aren’t their norm, they will harass you and bully you and make sure you are aware they think you are the weirdest person they’ve ever met. Men stalk women as a dating tactic here. No joke. These people are racist. They are myopic. They boo their own sports teams, which is f***ed up. They are mostly obese and say vicious things to people who exercise or eat healthy (which I find bizarre). It’s all bizarre.

    These people are hill people. Even the wealthy ones. And they think they’re so much better than everyone else. Also, WHY DO PEOPLE HERE NOT KNOW HOW TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS? Why do my neighbors nees to know what I’m doing? Why, when you go to a public place, do so many damned people talk about the people sitting next to them is their outside voice? Or at all?

    Guess what, Shelley? Nobody in this restaurant cares that you don’t like that woman’s hair! Nobody. Why are you so loud?!?

    I cannot get out of here faster. F*** Ohio. I am so glad my family moved west when I was 3. This is an utter hellhole. The judgemental, singleminded “hill people” here are absolute dregs.

    And by the way, this is the flattest damned place I’ve ever been. There are NO hills. Get me out of here.

    If you were thinking of coming here, STAY AWAY.

  31. By the way, it is 100% true that if you do well at all or take care of yourself at all that these people will just drag you down. They treat anyine doing well terribly. They all want to be the kings and queens of the trash pile.

  32. Lil dstryr this is Anyomous I’m a michigan fan the people here in ohio like the ohio state fuckeyes which suck balls, ass, dick a buckeye is useless nut people here dont understand that most of the football players from ohio state that go to the nfl get cut within 5 years it shows ohio state fuckeyes suck. What do think about the Columbus crew moving from cols, oh to Texas people here in cols,oh are fighting to keep the Columbus crew from leaving cols,oh if the columbus crew leave to go to dallas,tx all you can do is be happy for them.

  33. Instead of taking back their cities the urban assholes would rather tear up acres of beautiful farmland and houses some with historical significance and prime woodlands to put up sub divisions, housing developments and section 8 housing.

  34. Yo, Anyomous do you even know how to spell “Anonymous”?! Go back to preschool and learn how to spell. FYI, I am so sick of you spamming up this blog dirt-talking Ohio, and so is everyone else. You better stop. I’m annoyed at the fact that there are always, like, 500 blog posts from you saying almost the same thing every time. Get off this freaking blog.

  35. Yo Rapper’s right. Anyomous is annoying, doesn’t know how to spell, and has, like, 9999999999999 comments being just plain RUDE. Even I think this guy has gone too far, and I’m from Michigan. For Pete’s sake, Anyomous, settle down with the rude comments, or better, leave this blog completely.

  36. Hey Innocent Michigander it’s not weird that you like both states that means that you are the peacemaker and that’s a good thing. I hate their fighting.

  37. A cat came to our door last night

    we wanted to burn our house down

    but the kitty was warm, soft, and furry,

    and it taught us to love again, like raisins

  38. John Deere
    came screaming into the parking lot
    tires smoking fumes of napalm death
    tillers like razors shredding asphalt
    leaving rows of distressed corn
    lying about the mall food court
    like flaps of happy meal trays
    that only want to be loved

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