1. This place is a shithole! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many states and internationally. It was eye opening to see other ways of living. I’m an open minded person because of this. The people down here are nothing but closed minded, uneducated, fatso stinky idiots. What is up with the tattoos all over their body? I have a few tattoos that are not visible when I wear clothes, I’m all for it. But to have tattoos all over your body, neck, hands, and legs is just overdoing it. You guys look like freaks of nature. I even see middle aged ladies and some senior citizens with visible tattoos that make them look freaky rather than “cool”. I’ve never seen so many passive aggressive people in my life! Why do Ohioans feel the need to be like this? Why can’t you deal with you interpersonal problems in a constructive manner? Thuggish behavior is the norm here! Why do people here feel the need to be thuggish and gangster? If you iron you clothes and wear clothes that make your look professional you are looked down up here. You have to wear baggy clothes and clothes that don’t match to fit in. Why the people here not interesting at all? Many of you guys have never been out of this state let alone this country to experience a different culture. Why do you guys feel the need to grow untrimmed beards that stink? It’s okay to have a beard, I have one, but trim that damn thing and wash it! I retire in 10 years and I can’t wait to move to Florida to live out my golden years there.

  2. And as usual, you Shithio retards never fail at being retarded. The majority of Maryland is shit, like all of Ohio, except it has one major difference; it has the safest city in America called Columbia. The inbreeding is so bad in Shithio that you useless mongoloid can’t even pay attention to the smallest details.

  3. This place is a utter shithole. I have seen more business leave this horrid place and more crime then a b line flick made in the 1980’s

  4. Ohio has a sorry ass governor named Mike DeWine and Columbus,oh has a sorry ass Mayor named Andrew ginther.

  5. Lol! These posts….
    ….born and raised in Ohio. Trust me when I say this: this state is chocked-full of redneck trash with low IQs. They copy each other’s behavior like baboons. It’s mostly really bad tattoos, bars and trashy people. Opiates are absolutely saturated in this state. The schools are crap because your child learns about sex and drugs from other little rednecks in school by 1st grade. Women are mostly shacked up with baby daddy number 4 and they like to scream at each other and make up. Weekly. There is absolutely nothing to do in Ohio. I’ve been to every museum, library, attraction, etc. And let me tell you: if people say Ohio is great and has a ton of stuff to do, it’s probably because they were raised in a shed somewhere and are just surfacing for some light. The weather bites but it’s truly the redneck trashy mindset that makes this state unbearable. I hope & pray that somehow in the ever -unfortunate events of my life, that one day I can somehow escape this state. But since all of my family lives here, it’s probably gonna be an escape 6 foot under some dirt & flowers.
    Don’t come to Ohio unless you’re visiting and for heavens sakes MOVE while you can.

  6. F this dump. Their are more potholes on pearl road that prostitutes off of 25th street. This makes me sick. F u Governor and f u mayor, both corrupt pieces of trash

  7. Why do they call Dayton the “Gem City”? Is it because if we called it the city of junkies and douchebags, we’d be too fucking honest? Seriously, ALL of Ohio fucking blows! It don’t matter if it’s a major blighted out hellhole city, or a fucking corn field, it ALL stinks the same. Honestly, why do people even live here? Only people I see, are stinking, lardassed, cuntbags, and douchebags. Over, and Over…these sorry assed motherfuckers, who choose to curse their children by not moving, ‘ought to lose their goddamned kids to a more affluent state’s department of children’s services….effectively ending their indoctrination to the state of horrific misery, and zero opportunities….that will at least put the kids into states where when they grow up, they have a fighting chance. This state is just ugly in general, everything is grey and blah….you’d think that with all of the half-assed “industry” here, they’d figure a way to make a paint that would brighten up shit here.

    If your job ever offers you a transfer to Ohio, tell them to go and fuck themselves, with a cactus wrapped in rusty barbwire…cuz this shithole, isn’t worth a goddamned transfer.

  8. Everybody knows that Abraham Lincoln once said “If we ever take away the rich’s money and forcibly send them to Ohio we will another civil war!” Honest Abe never lies!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Is this the mew crime wave city. Shootings on every block, stabbings like candy was being handed out and so many child molesters I feel like I am at a Joe Bidum gathering

  10. Lived here most of my life and the other comments are mostly true. There are definitely some good folks here, despite what the others say. Having said that, the want to be rednecks (why would you pretend to be a redneck?) are indeed everywhere. People are indeed covered in tattoos. Why you ask? Because they are all retarded sheep who automatically conform to those around them. A good chunk of white girls will only date black guys which is just as racist as hating someone BC of their skin color. Then they wonder why they are miserable and on their 5th baby daddy. In turn they blame white men for their problems. Almost nobody has any critical thinking powers, so they just do whatever they’re told without the slightest question. There are an amazing amount of deafening motorcycles. They just love making them as loud as humanly possible while driving around sleeping neighborhoods at 2 in the morning while pretending to run meth during their Sons of Anarchy Larp. Do you like nice weather? Then go fuck yourself. We have all the heat and humidity of the tropics without all of that annoying beauty and leisure, and the bone chilling cold of the arctic without the peace and quiet. Want something to do? Well you got two things: Drinking or video games. Don’t consider having a child here if you’re a man. If your wife cheats and leaves you, you’ll in turn have to give her and her new lover up to 65% of your earnings for the privilege. Have fun eating Ramen and bologna in your new cardboard box. Unless of course you have the right skin color, then you can impregnate as many women as you please with very little risk of responsibility. Want to live like a free American? Tough FUCKIN tits. Our governor has about as much sack as a eunuch. So whatever the Nazi Klaus Schwab, the eugenicist Bill Gates, and the evil Keebler elf “scientist” Anthony Fauci want, he implements. Thankfully some of our representatives have actually been pushing back. Do you like driving? Well, between our road conditions (potholes and orange barrels everywhere) and moron drivers you’re outta luck. They literally repave the same road where i live every single year. Do they do it in the springtime? Of course not stupid, they do it right before winter so the snow plows can put potholes in the fresh pavement. Don’t worry though, they don’t really pave the road, they just close down a lane or two for a month at a time and put an inch of asphalt on top. Yay for taxpayers!!!! Getting on the freeway is usually a dance with death. Between the short on ramps, the assholes doing 80 in the slow lane trying to box you out, and the shivering 10 and 2 drivers attemping to merge with 60 mph traffic while only driving 30, you’re going to be white knuckling it. I could go on and on, but i think you get the right idea.

  11. My previous comment is a joke as much as a complaint. Fyi. It’s not really that bad, there are some irritating things, but as with anywhere, there will be.

  12. Ohio is nothing but another nig-infested shithole. Especially Akron, Cleveland, and now Canton. On it’s way to apartheid Africa. If you’re White you need to save yourself and get away from these baboons before it’s too late. If you have children, you shouldn’t even live here because it’s the Planet of the Apes trial run.

  13. I absolutely LOVE these postings. I have thought for several years now, “America is free, I can live wherever I want, why the HELL am I still living in Cincinnati? The humidity sucks, you don’t see the sun from November through March, etc.”
    Like a post I read, I just got comfortable here, not happy, just comfortable. Screw it, I’m heading to the Carolinas. If that sucks I will head north or west.

  14. Today Folks it might be a great day for folks that hate Ohio

    Right now Ohio State whose #2 in the country is losing right now 28-13. Bout time Michigan wins it in the BIG HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Time for a new change in that Rivalry. That State has had its fun already with their funky mediocre bumblefucking asses!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH OF THAT MESS AND FOLKS ARE TIRED OF THESE BIASED MEDIOCRE BASTARDS!!!!!!! TIME TO END THAT ISH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I live in ohio can confirm sucks complete fucking ass hole. applied for unemployment and they have denied me now til I am basically deceased with nothing to my name

  16. Ohio is just fucking miserable, the weather is nice 1 week a year and the people are are fat,uneducated rude dicks that dress like shit. Ohio people go out of the way to make you as unhappy as they are. Within 2 days of live here bad thinks will start happening and don’t stop till you leave. There really is nothing good or nice about ohio. Everything sucks and you will to if you stay here. Run and don’t look back because this place is a death sentence to you happiness and life. Can you tell i hate the place? To everyone that lives here Fuck You and no thats not a compliment you trashy, fat,uneducated, backwards, dickface pick.May you get the worst disease known and suffer for 80 years. Yes I hate Ohio and everything about it.

  17. This fucking disgusting bitch hole of a city is a classless toilet. Company’s leave consistently and everyone has a low IQ. More shootings then New York and the now the new QB is a known rapist. F u Cleveland

  18. LOVE this website! Can’t get enough of it!
    The failure, the misery, the wretched white trash scum.
    Here is what all of you should do today:

    1. Get fat
    2. Grow stubble beard
    3. Constantly drink alcohol excessively
    4. Purchase heroin at the Dollar Tree parking lot
    5. Ingest said heroin, then complain loudly about Ohio
    6. Visit local bar all night, every night, for the rest of your life

  19. i’ve lived in ohio for twenty years now and it’s full of negativity! literally the same shit, different day. the people here are ignorant, miserable, fake as hell and lowkey racist. if you’re positive, talented, and educated, you become a target. the people here will sniff you out and try to drag you down with their bullshit. just stay far, far away from here! i’ve tried being positive for years, even tried changing my perspective, but i can’t take it anymore. fuck this state and the people in it.

  20. I agree with the comments above – Cleveland is going down hill faster then ever before. Everything is closing and the crime is ridiculous. No jobs and meth and heroin is everywhere.

  21. Ohio, where it is normal to have an IQ of 40. Ohio, where inbreeding is the norm. Ohio, the shitty birth state of the Cleveland Torso Murderer, Donald Harvey, Edward Edwards, Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, Ariel Castro(Raised there, but he might as well have been born there.), Anthony Sowell, Brian Peppers, John Dillinger, John Dean, Randle Lee Roberts II, Jerenique Cunningham, Cleveland Jackson, Shawn Grate, Jeanette McAdams, James Litteral, Kim Anderson, Joy Major Hoop, Carl G. Lindsey, Charles Mitchell, Kevin Neal, Juan Kinley, Dovie Blanche Dean, “Arsenic” Anna Marie Hahn, Betty Butler, James Goff, Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd, Cletus Reese, Donald Hoffman, Herb Baumeister, Judith Hawkey, Gerald Hand, Ollie Mastronardi, David Lance Bruce, James Worley, U.S. Army Major General Geoffrey D. Miller, Eric David Harris, Marvin Johnson, Daniel Bixler, Terry D. Shepherd, Matthew Dowdel, Eve Irene Kelley,

    Civil War General Robert Kingston Scott, Wesley Coonrod, Chester McKnight, Herbert Meeker, Michael and Sharon Gravelle, Reese Bailey, Ma’lik Richmond, Trent Mays, Mike McVey, Matthew Hoffman, Jeffrey Lundgren, Todd Hall, Scott Moody, Daniel Petric, John C. Stojetz, Steven Cepec, John Hedrick, Louis Hand, Jacob Nesbitt, Ralph Ash, Adelard Cunin, Travis Lee Fischer, Shane Roush, Thomas Lee Dillon, Frederick Mundt, Charles Hart, Patrick Pidock, Cleo Vernon Keaton, Michelle Bica, Dennis McGuire, Kenneth Richey, Christopher Newton, John Warren Parsons, Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, Lawrence Hensley, Bobby Lee Cutts, Marie Poling, Mark Dean Schwab, Nathan Gale, John Spirko Jr., Gregory McKnight, Austin Myers, Timothy Mosley, Noal Quattlebaum, Robert Anthony Buell, Andrew F. Tyler, Richard Edwin Fox, and Richard Clark Jr.

    Ohio, where the rare smart people born there leave with a quickness. Ohio, where amber alerts and pedophilia are the norm. Ohio, where 95% of the population are desperate faggots, most likely due to the large amount of redneck inbreeding. The shit eaters, shit demons, shit goblins won’t hook up with each other, but will try to get with, and aggravatingly stalk, straight people. Ohio, where the level of radon gas is very high. Ohio, where it is the norm to be a nosy, betraying, racist, proudly stupid, evil piece of shit, that will make friends, just to use and leech off of them. Ohio, where the women are fat, pregnant, strung out on drugs, tattooed, full of stds and shattered life dreams by the time they are 20.

    Ohio, where the weather is as randomly fucked up as its people. Ohio, where the Cuyahoga River is so polluted that it has bursted into flames 14 times. Ohio, where Lake Erie is polluted to the brim and the sky is constantly filled with smog. Ohio, where the people have no good driving skills whatsoever. Ohio, where the po-lice are corrupt nazi pigs, that will do whatever it takes, just to write you a ticket. Ohio, where cluelessness and naivety are the norm. Ohio, where the only thing they are recognised for is their college football team.

    Ohio, which has checker pattern neighborhoods: really ghetto, really rich, really ghetto, etc. Ohio, which will stay stagnant with its funds. Ohio, which should be split into three sections: one for prisons, one for rehabs, and one for cemeteries. Ohio, where there are drugs everywhere because the locals have to numb out. They know how shitty this state is but they can’t ever admit it or make it better. Ohio, the shittiest state in the nation, which should be the main trash dump of America.

  22. Ageed, Ohio represents Amerikkka well. You guys like foreign products like Honda and Sony but you guys deeply hate minorities. WTF?

  23. In the 80’s and 90’s, Ohio was a decent place. Slowing, certain groups started to move into various neighborhoods and crime started to go up. People just sortive tolerate it because they are afraid to speak up because they might be labeled a -cist with a capital R.

  24. Based on stats expirences and comments on here , This is my conclusion of Ohio. Ohioans are fat Ohioans are obese Ohioans are covered in tatoos Ohioans are dumb and uneducated Ohioans are racist Ohioans are poor Ohioans are emotionally wrecked and unstable Ohioans are thug slum ghetto hood culture Ohioans are ugly Ohio cites are rat infested hell holes Ohio is ugly Ohio is bland boring plain,Ohio is for losers and Ohioans are religious zealot morons .

  25. Just went back to visit Cleveland over the weekend, what a shi8 hole the city has become. Everything is closed shutdown and is dangerous on the west side and east side . Raise the taxes some more u corrupt trash .

  26. Wow, Ohio hasn’t really changed much for the better. Same old chit, different day.

  27. Never met so many turkeys that think they are Eagles but hey you cannot fly with the eagles if you’re running with the turkeys.

    20 years ago Ohio had some small towns that were decent for raising your children. After leaving 11 years ago, coming back for work or to visit the in laws it’s a great reminder how different people in this country can be. So many here have hit the highlights, obesity, tattoos, poor hygiene, unhealthy habits, nosey, narcissism, derogatory behavior, racism and 2nd most neurotic state in the country (next to West Virginia #1). Many present tough attitude but listen to them complain endlessly over a single rude interaction or perceived slight (others laziness or disinterest in you isn’t a personal attack, lol). Adults but especially men have limited interests beyond organized sports (which seems like just another excuse for people to feel superior and argue). It is one of the least agreeable places in the country ( though the 75 corridor has some hillbillies to balance out the rednecks). The inbreeding is so real that a good grandma is one who tells you who you shouldn’t date because you are related. Though the 4th or 5th baby daddy is largely true so by 4 and 5 family is all they have left to date. Treat dating more like square dance partners. The verbal abuse and public fights among significant others is a weekly event. Small towns here are some seriously entitled people. Want more street parking for your family on labor day, call the cops to have cars towed on a public street and yes that cop is a relative to arrive at the party later. Neighbors lie like nowhere else but somehow rationalize following you to the door screaming and ranting about how you didn’t say hello today. This shit will get you shot in many places.
    The negativity is their culture. Literally stopped on the street and asked to offer a stranger my worst personal traits because I am whistling on my walk. They will target you because “you can’t be that happy” and “don’t you get tired of looking for the best in others?” No I just wonder who abused you to the point you think this is normal or feel you can shout at strangers. Many here believe the whole country is like this but 3/4 of people are born here, never leave beyond vacation and only have this culture to fall back on. Talking to transplants from other parts of the country and other countries is usually expands one’s world view but what them entrench themselves in their confirmation bias once that person leaves the room.
    Proud people with little sense of self or community pride.
    None of the charm of the south, none of the live and let live (or permissive culture of the West) or the directness (or realness of the northeast) and none of the Midwest congeniality but belief that some how they exude the best of all these cultures while having no experience with any of them.
    Then there are the serial killers (holy Moses look at the lists), significant violent and property crime. Stay here long enough and you will become another Ohioan victim (or believe you are).
    You become who you spend your time around so if any of this appeals to you, move here. If not get out before you become one.

  28. The tattoo comments are true. The people here loved to be covered in tats. Me thinks they are insecure inside, and with tattoos visibly all over their body, they mask these insecurities to the public. With tats they get instant “cool” credz with the public. Would you put bumper stickers all over a Ferrari? Any one who has high self worth doesn’t need to put tatz all over their bods.

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