1. Ohio is a depressing state for the most part. It’s filled with middle aged divorcees, redneck wannabes, single mothers with weird colored hair or tattoos that are unnecessary to have, guys who have bad hygiene (shave once a month, don’t wear clean clothes, have improperly trimmed beards, smell, etc.), angry/man-hating/disgruntled/heartless women who have been single forever or have popped out a couple kids by the time they were 25, old people who never leave the house, bad or arrogant cops, hagged out women in their 40’s who never exercise nor care much about their appearance, people who eat a lot of fast food, and of course cigarette smokers who always have something to bitch about.

    If you are single and looking for a good woman, have a good job, have money saved up, have a car, place to stay, practice good hygiene, have a good head on your shoulders, keep a certain spiritual faith, exercise on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis, know how to treat a woman, aren’t an alcoholic, don’t smoke, have a good family, have a good heart, can cook, etc. you probably won’t find the right woman for you. You may have to get out of the state and then talk to people who live in other states so they can ask you, “What the hell is wrong with the people in Ohio?” Most women in Ohio are ignorant, have a negative attitudes, don’t know a good man if it was standing in line in front of them at the bank or grocery store or what not, don’t give a sh*t about their appearance, aren’t higher educated, are sick or not feeling good at least once a month, act like they know sports but they don’t, go out to bars with their girlfriends until they’re 50 and even if they were married they would stay act like they aren’t, and if they don’t go to college, they will most likely have children out of wedlock by the time they are 25.

    The same ol’ sh*t is enough to give most guys headaches. Did I mention the unusually high amount of population of gays/lesbians. My goodness they’re all over the place, and they seem like they want to get married more than the straight people here. Most of Ohio doesn’t have much of an identity. It seems like every major city here is a little different from the other as far as its image. Cleveland will be the dreary Cleveland it’s been since 1977, Toledo thinks it’s Detroit, Cincinnati thinks it’s a part of Kentucky (which is full of racists), Youngstown think it’s Pittsburgh but with more crazy people and criminals. Columbus is a decent city but it seems like it has itself stuck in 1997. Way too many over-obsessed Ohio State fans that think they are the best college in all sports and in all the land. So annoying.

    There are some things that make Ohio depressing other than what I mentioned from observations above. We have the worst rates in men and women’s heart health according to AHA. We have the worst average population drop every year out of most states in the midwest. Our inner city schools for each major city have been going down hill for the last 25 years. Any rural area you go to, every other person you see will be 30-40 pounds overweight and some areas in Northeast Ohio have some of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. Women with 2 stomachs that make you wonder how they had their kids, when it seems impossible to have sex with that. Skinny women who think they’re fat and fat women who think they are sexy or skinny. And yoga pants are something you wear around the house or work out in or even sleep in, not to wear to church, the office, to a bar, out to eat, etc. I have never seen so many women out in public here that wear what they would go to bed in or work out in. Just saying, sh*t gets old fast.

    I mean no place is perfect but there are so many people here who don’t give a crap about anything in life or bettering themselves and think it’s the norm to keep things depressing, dreary, or just gloomy in general. And the drivers in this state lack the necessary respect for other drivers on the road as if they own the road or drive however they want to. Passing on the right side, driving on people’s tail even when the person in front is going 10-15 over the limit already, people who speed up to get in front of you and then slow down (a$$ backwards), people who honk their horn at you if you don’t go a split second after it turns green, and the biggest of them all: rolling through stop signs, if you live out west they call it the California roll. I have never seen so many rolled through stop signs in my life whenever I’ve driven in Ohio.

  2. you sound like a male version of me. you are right about many of your observations here. I do not know if you are a native of the area. but in time Cleveland does have a dullness to it and a drag about life and making money are being here. I have seen and been witness to this all my adult life. Education does not even guarantee success. it is the lack of really good opportunities and true advancement that gets to me. you make me laugh . but I do think it is how we are raised also. but the city has divisions, forced busing, low paying jobs too many wal-marts. drug stores and mattress stores. who comes to Cleveland to truly develop high end things? they are re-modeling the city for the republican national convention in 2016. that is the biggest thing they got the and the rock hall of fame which all the inductees go to new York city instead and do not even bother touring here as much. If you would ever care to meet in person for coffee I will leave my email ginajeanclaude@yahoo.com and my name Is Gina and like all the other wimen you meet here I do take very good care of myself and want to.

  3. I think we should all get toghether and meet at a restauraunt or coffee shop ! This should be a support group .Its very disparaging to look and live in cultural inferiority and see people in public fat ,hagged out ,wearing bed clothes in public 4 kids from 4 fathers and bad personal hygiene . Ive been to most of the country and Ohio isn’t the worse st but its the most culturally inferior st and even the nice parts are affordable with very rare exception and why ? Because no sane person of any self worth would dare want to live here and spend the rest of their life here unless you are what I just mentioned in this post !

  4. greg,

    who are you are really Greg ? I am trying to summarize from reading your post which fabulous who is the real Greg behind this are you still single and looking did you leave Ohio why did you not leave your email address are you married now or divorced? we are trying to have a support group? we are all curious about you Greg . Dialogue and communication is very important. That’s what the pope francis said we are all from human family. chow for now. gina

  5. Ok Here are some updated Ohio Stats Most racially segerated cities of 50 largest 1 Cleveland 2 Detroit 7 Cincinatti 30 Columbus Oh ,Median income 35 th of 50 states. Infant Mortality 48th .Most Miserable cities since 2007 every major metro area in Ohio was on Forbes . The 2015 edition Columbus made the list . Worse state for pollution and emotional well being ,Worse st for minorities as far as employment and avg income .Ohio is 47 of 50th in child poverty and Cleveland Toledo Youngstown have child poverty above 40 pct and 7 of Ohios 8 cities have poverty rates well above the national average . Cleveland Toledo and Youngstown lead the nation in population loss .The 3 major metro areas of Ohio are behind the national averages in college degrees and incomes above 50 grand . Virtually every major city in Ohio has an avg income below the avg of the 50 largest cities . As Greg mentioned inner city schools in Ohio have churned out dropouts higher than the national avg as well .In avg age Ohio is one of the oldest states and the ages of 18 to 40 have left faster than all but Missouri and NY state . Worse cities for interracial couples Cleveland Cincinatti , .Worse cities for business Cleveland Cincinatti .Hint since 2005 Ohio gov Taft installed a commercial activity tax . In short companies who come to Ohio will be taxed a large percentatge Before 2005 Ohio was in the middle of the pack in job creation ,After 2005 Ohio median income has tumbled to 35th of 50th states and job creation has been worse than all but three states Arkansas Mississippi and West Virginia . The Decline of most major Ohio cities began in the early 70s,But places like NYC and Philly have made a major comeback .Cleveland Toledo Youngstown and Dayton ,Cincinatti have continued to lose population and since the 2000 that loss has accelerated . Ohio is and could join Michigan as the only state to lose population by next yr if not already .

  6. we moved here a month ago…and while the people here are nice….ohio is
    a drag….am I allowed to say that—since it is 2015 ???…LOL we picked a small, tiny even, town…and we are 30 minutes from ANYthing……if you are not a church person….good luck finding something to do……there are churches EVERYwhere!! Not much else…except corn fields…….. wthell is this school fee? we have 3 kids and owe over $200 in school fees!!?? PUBLIC schools!! We moved here from Pa…and while it is not a dream…it was much more family-friendly……. Unless you are on Welfare—Ohio is not a great place to raise a family. All welfare people…and illegals……would love it here. Free stuff for all– in those cases.

  7. So true. Although Ohio did cut small biz taxes in 2013, that is no reason to come or stay. Population shrinks but sprawl continues. Developers continue to pave over woods and meadows to build more homes and retail clones for a dwindling population. The vast majority of people are overweight or huge. Pun intended, yet they mostly seem content to tell you how God wants you to live, and vote.

    Ohio is a tar pit of mediocrity. It lulls you into underperformance by surrounding you with uneducated, toothless losers whose high point is dinner out at the newest O’ Charley’s. Same as the one five miles away, but NEW. Oy vey. First 26 years of my life in the clean air and water of Michigan. Next 22 here in the ass crack of the nation. It is time to GO.

  8. God I hate Ohio. I did not grow up here and only moved to the most depressing state in the country as an adult because of family. Rude, stupid, barely literate rednecks with the personality of cement, the most aggressive drivers, and the most boring cities. No wonder so many are moving away.

  9. If Ohio was a woman it would be the fat loudmouth tattoo covered uneducated, boring pregnant , girl who vomits on the roller coaster

  10. Keep this in Mind of where to live , Places I would live 1 San Francisco CA 2 Seattle WA 3 Vancouver BC 4 San Diego CA 5 Denver Colorado 6 Portland Oregon 7 Honululu Hi 8 Minneapolis MN 9 Oakland East Bay Area CA 10 Santa Monica Venice Los Angeles CA Places I avoid 1 Detroit Mi 2 Cleveland Oh 3 Cincinatti Oh 4 St Louis Mo 5 Pittsburg PA 6 Louisville Ky 7 Indianpolis IN 8 Columbus Oh 9 Milwaukee Wi 10 Buffalo NY

  11. Places on the bubble but not preferred , 1 New York City , 2 Dallas Tx 3 Houston Tx 4 San Antonio Tx 5 Charlotte Nc 6 New Oreleans LA 7 Philadelphia PA 8 Miami Fl 9 Phoenix AZ 10 Oklahoma City Ok

  12. Wtf ohio?! Do something cool for us one time! You could have legal weed, but had to draft the worst law possible… hardcoding the state constitution to enshrine a cartel of ten oligarch assholes to own the marijuana cultivation process in perpituity!?? Really? Fuck you Ohio. Idiots.

  13. To Jon

    You are sooo ignorant. You can’t go to the ocean or the mountains in Ohio. Lake Erie is the most polluted waterway in North America. Its beaches are usually closed due to e-coli and whatever that algae is that poisoned the water in Toledo so they had to shut it off. Why are 5 Ohio cities in the top ten most miserable lists? Ohio has created jobs recently because of the low paying auto jobs in the past few years which have rebounded.
    The Baltimore area is growing, whereas the Cleveland area is shrinking. So how is Cleveland better? Plus the Ravens have won two superbowls, the browns, well zero. The weather in Baltimore and the economy are much better also, Maryland is the wealthiest state in the US. It has gained 800000 in population whereas Ohio has only gained 200000 since the year 2000. That is why Ohio has lost congressional seats. Baltimore is a tourist destination also.

    And finally Ohio has 5 cities on the most miserable list, including you blessed Columbus.


    How do you explain that, if Ohio is so great. You are the only person that thinks Ohio is near equal to anyplace else because your reasoning is completely devoid of logic and facts. You are a typical Ohio idiot.
    Ohio isn’t diverse, nor is it a tourist destination like most other states. Columbus isn’t even 5% Latino. If you want to see what a good state to live in is, visit NC.

  14. My biggest complaint is the “conventional wisdom” that ohio has plenty of jobs for everyone. Then u get here & realize only SOME OF the white ppl get good jobs. The rest of the white ppl & like 80% of the blacks are shut out of the whole northern part of columbus(rent/house prices) & if u live in the lower east/west areas of the city (where the other 80% of blacks & 20% of poor whites live) then your either shut out of the good jobs or if lucky enough to get hired folks back stab u/gossip till u either quit the good job or get fired for some trivial offence. But u can pretty much forget about getting a new benz if u black or poor white & cant get ahead. Like someone else said theres plenty of other places in the country far less racist & far more willing for the next man to get his foor in the door. & the town just LOVES foreigners. Hypocritic biggots.

    The one glimmer of hope about the crappy jobs situation IS if you not ashamed to do a crappy dirty low paying job where u get looked down upon columbus will at least pay u enough to keep a roof over your head & a lil food.

  15. States I would be willing to live in 1 California 2 Washington 3 Florida 4 Colorado 5 Minnesota 6 Texas 7 New Jersey 8 Virgina 9 British Columbia Canada 10 Maryland .States I would avoid 1 Nebraska 2 Ohio 3 Missouri 4 Mississippi 5 Arkansas 6 Indiana 7 Michigan 8 West Virgina 9 Kentucky 10 Tennesee

  16. The new California tourism title ” A world for ye who enter and a world for ye who do not “.California, Single ,Good looking ,Good job ,Beautiful People Beautiful air skies and Cities and even beautiful average people, ,Neo Progressive , 21st century ahead of America in everything , Great weather Great places to eat shop tan golf boat you name it .Ohio rust belt blue collar farming industry blight tattoos overweight dark gloomy hillbilly guns hunting fishing bible thumping marriage by 20 or your nuts . Worse st for well being . Heres a common sentiment ‘ He grew up at age 6 and he lived in a town in North Central Ohio middle of the state Middle America and he wondered why its so boring ,He saw no diversity what so ever He saw little sunshine He saw plenty of old people who seen better days He saw many large fat people ,He saw rancid segeration by neighborhood income and race at a level that even rivals the south . He saw them and they were pale I mean super pale . He saw a city in Cleveland that was the worse in everything you can imagine and always has the worse sports teams , He very seldom has been on dates and he knows that isn’t likely to change unless he gets the hell out of the Midwest ‘too many fat girls who think they are hot ‘ . He sees religion as something that may be put into law in ohio based on the amout of pro life and anti gay bumper stickers .He has no plans living under Christian law . He is clean cut has a job no tattoos only drinks wine on occasion twice a year and is slim and exercises almost exclusively .He loves cities like New York and San Francisco and West L.A . He met some of the most down to earth women around from those parts ! He knows he tolerated cultural inferiority in the Buckeye St way too much based on what and how too many people raise their kids and cuss and swear at them and even teach them how to be a Ohio a hole. He sees cars from the 80s way too much and women who are full figured and always wear a cross around their neck . He has a plan He dosent has hopes He has a vision . He is ready to make it happen .He knows life is short and he knows he dosent want to spend the rest of his life in a cultural hell . He knows now is the time and he knows that not just life is short but he doesent want to spend it in Ohio . We all on here are from different ethinic backgrounds and faiths but we have one goal which is to kiss this place goodbye !

  17. After a visit, I decided NOT to pursue a great job opportunity because it is Cleveland. I’ve relocated many times in my life but riding around Cleveland was depressing – a word that came to my mind was suicide. I’m an older professional unmarried female, most posters are probably young — I can’t imagine being any age and moving there unless it was to be close to family.

  18. Happy 2016, 240 years after Americas Independence day ! Straight outta Ohios is coming and it may not be long from this despicable state . Based on the stats in my earlier post ,Can anybody say Ohio” a job well done ” ? Keep up the good work ? Come see us now ? We are booming ? Whoever does has lost touch with reality and has no conscience soul purpose or life . It is know for a fact that 80% of the metro areas all around the nation has more economically social and healthy well being than any of Ohios major .What ticks me off is that this is a state where failure is on a throne for a king and in the West Coast and East Coast failure is fitted with a noose . People in Ohio hate anything new fun sosphisticated cool and successful .That’s why this place is near the bottom in anything and everything . People here live to drink, eat, smoke have sex get fat have babies and worship at their fake churches that want to put Christianity into law . If you are fit smart well groomed have a sense of fashion travel don’t drink or smoke have no kids and have money saved up ,and if you drive a European car even a cheap one , You are screwed and looked at with scorn !

  19. It is a crime to be slim fit healthy successful intelligent and well rounded here ! Ohio is too good for successful and ambitious people because beautiful successful smart and ambitious people don’t know how to life the lifestyle .

  20. I have to weigh in here. I was born and raised in Stow Ohio. I hated it from the time I realized it would be crappy weather 9 months out of the year. So here I am living 40 min. from New Orleans. Whats to love? Not much! The sun gods, thats about it!. Both men and women are fat, lazy and ignorant. The highlight of the day is crawfish. Its impossible to have an intelligent conversation with ANYONE! The women have NO career goals! The sales tax is almost 12% ! Half the state is on food stamps and welfare and there are at least 3 murders a day. New Orleans is nothing but a tourist trap and a cesspool. The streets are littered with garbage because the people are pigs and the City wont clean up. I would gladly take living in Ohio and being w my family again. Too bad the only work a woman can find is a cashier in a retail store, gas station or become a waitress at Waffle House. No idea how I will get back to a normal life. Oh and I too have lived in Seattle. The cost of living is outrageous and the people are completely unfriendly. Its not always greener on the other side. I miss my family; My parents, my sis, my kids and grandkids. I want to go “home”

  21. Heidi ,you pretty much moved to a place with a low well being similar to Ohio . Alabama Arkansas KY TN Indiana Ohio Missouri Nebraska. Those are some shitty places to live. Heidi Ohio is cheap because decent people and young people hate it with a passion and are leaving . It is mostly old fat uneducated lazy and ugly people who raise kids who are like themselves. This is a shitty place to raise kids .

  22. Columbus, Ohio is a dump. It’s boring, the only thing to do is go drinking or go to your friends house to drink. If you’re not a Christian expect to be discriminated against. People here love Buckeye football, so you’d better love Buckeye football. The suburbs around here are boring too. There’s nothing to do but go to shopping centers or malls to hang out. The majority of people stay in their houses and only come out to get in the car and leave or to mow the lawn. It can feel very very lonely at times. People here are closed minded people. Guys and girls think big is okay here, it’s digusting! If a guy is big and all of that is muscle that is fine. But most of the people here are big because they are out of shape and fat. If you are skinny you will be looked down upon because you are perceived to be weak even if you lift weights and exercise. This place is one disgusting place.

  23. I was born and raised in Ohio, and then lived in California (LA area) for 14
    Years. I returned here 10 years ago, and have tried so hard to make the best of it, but I’m afraid you are for the most part correct regarding many observations. It took leaving here and then returning to really become aware of it. I do take issue with one comment regarding gays in Ohio. So what if gays live here? What is your point? Aside from that, I share many of the sentiments. I will say this, we are here, and since we are, how much of a responsibility do we have to try and at least make it better? We may live in the arm pit of the US, but we could help apply the deodorant.

  24. If anybody wants to know why we have a large portion of rude abarasive people here its the fact that we are the home of Woody Hayes who was fired in 1978 because of grabbing a player by the neck on the opposing team . Bobby Knight who had a host of problems too . He choked a player in practice and was eventually fired in 2000 .Abrasive Mean Nasty are in the dna of this state !

  25. And I may add that a lot of the rudeness and abrasiveness are traits of a dying culture and its very clear that ohio is a dying state in a dying region /

  26. Ohio state fuckeyes are nothing but a pile of vomit and shit. Like you see in a porta potty from piss , shit, baby diapers, toilet paper Ohio state fuckeyes sports program stinks worse than high heaven they are just 100 percent pure ass. You can spell ass without osu. Go maize and blue.

  27. Thank god I live in Texas. People from Ohio are inferior. And please stay in Ohio, losers. We don’t want scum coming into our glorious state.

  28. Ohio state fuckeyes and Their fans are nothing but a bunch of poisonous nuts. Bust the Ohio state fuckeyes nuts. Lose the scarlet and grey. Put on the maize and blue. Go blue.

  29. I have to comment . If anybody considers moving to Columbus and is a 30 above and single I have to say one thing ,Prepare to stay that way forever because most girls are married by 22 at latest and like one poster said earlier that its usaually a guy they grew up with . This place is so Toledo like as far as everybody knowing everybody . Its a big small hick town ! Those who are left are everybit the obese tattoo frumpy smoking drinking kids by 22 hagged out crowd that are everybit like the leftovers from NE Ohio . One poster said earlyier that Ohio is one of the fastest shrinking states in the Midwest .False I would say the Midwest is the most fastest shrinking region in America and I bet only 3 states in AMERICA are losing people mostly the young single crowd but whole families too as fast as Ohio . Its clear bad jobs culture health education lifestyles weather attitudes and parenting is why Ohio is THE FASTEST SHRINKING STATES IN THE NATION . I confess I am a coastal supremacist ! The other Midwest states have similar culture as Ohio espically Indiana West Pa and Michigan but Ohio is the worse of the worse not just in the Midwest but in North America !

  30. I heard a lot of bad stereotypes on Columbus and the culture there .Based on my recent expirences and my post they are all true ! It is a Southern /Midwestern culture town .I would say its the Northern most Southern city in America !

  31. Hey ohio state fuckeye fans Michigan has been bustin your nuts for over 100 yrs. Ohio state has the shittiest band ever. You would have to be drunk to like the ohio state fuckeyes. The reason ohio state fuckeyes win is because they haven’t played nobody good. Put them against lsu or Clemson or Texas or Georgia. They will get their nuts cracked.

  32. Boring, boring, boring. There’s nothing to do in Columbus, Ohio. The good jobs are for those who know other people and have 10 years of experience in their field. Many people who don’t know others or are starting out their careers can’t find decent jobs in Ohio. This place is a big brain drain. Don’t move to Ohio or if you are in Ohio currently find a way to move to another state. Good luck.

  33. Where did ohio state fuckeyes learn how to play football from the porta potty ohio state stinks like piss and shit and they are 100 percent pure ass. Go blue

  34. Ohio state can suck my dick and lick my nuts. Ohio state is nothing but a bunch of cocksuckers and assholes. Go blue

  35. Ohio state football sucks balls and ass and shit. They have the shittiest band in the land. Buck the fuckeyes. Go blue.

  36. A kid asked me if I was a Michigan fan I said yes. He didn’t know how many quarters are in 5 dollars he was in the first grade he was on 7 yrs old. The educational system in cols oh sucks. I think we need year round schools in cols oh it is ashame that Japanese school kids are smarter than the kids in the US. Why would you bring your kids at t.t murphs bar in cols oh. There are better places to take a child out to eat. I see some of the parents drinking and their kids running around in the bar. Michigan fans don’t get any respect in ohio. The only thing good about cols oh is 16 bit arcade, level one arcade super awesome , old north arcade . 16 bit , level one , old north arcade. The games are free if you are drinking beer, soda. That’s the only thing to do in cols oh. But other than that cols oh sucks. The ohio state university sucks if I had any kids they wouldn’t go to ohio state university. It is to dangerous you can’t even leave clothes, food hair care or nothing when you are off campus during the summer or spring break or xmas break. It is the most dangerous campus in cols oh all they do is get drunk a girl fell out of a window before Easter weekend the cols oh police don’t know how she fell out of the window. Nine Times out of ten she was drunk. I see ohio state students wearing shorts and it’s cold outside. Ohio state students are a bunch of knuckle heads. Come on I have better sense than that. I wait until late May into June to wear shorts. The weather in ohio sucks it would 70 and 30 the next day. Ohio is a shitty state. And I don’t know why they built hollywood casino in west cols oh it was just a waste of money. Las vegas has more entrainment and extra goes to vegas instead of ohio. I watch the price is right and not that many trips are to ohio. Cols oh has a mayor that ain’t worth a shit he denies being in the bribery scandal and he knows he was a part of it.

  37. The block O of ohio state fuckeyes looks a toilet to me because I’m a michigan fan. Go blue.

  38. If you were wearing blue jeans or anything blue at the ohio state event you were escorted out and urban meyer was not kidding. I mean I have nothing against anybody wearing blue. That’s mean come on the sky is blue or other people’s clothes are blue. For example lou holtz was wearing a blue sweater and Matt finkes was wearing scarlet and grey let lou holtz wear blue if he wants. Buck the fuckeyes y’all suck. Go michigan

  39. Ohio state football players in the nfl don’t last very long I want to know why because ohio state sucks. Go blue

  40. I have lived in a few placed and Columbus is at the bottom of the list…lacks a lot that cities in similar size has and WAY to much identity with OSU…makes the city seem so amateur compared to others.

  41. Fuck all the ohio state explayers and current players of the football program y’all are a bunch of cocksuckers and you are 100 percent pure ass

  42. Ohio state fuckeyes can suck my Michigan nuts until I cum all over their mouth because they suck dick. Go blue

  43. 1,000 reasons why you should hate ohio state. They are 100 percent ass. You can’t spell cocksucker without osu. Michigan owns the ohio state fuckeyes. Ohio state can suck and lie on my michigan nuts until I cum on the ohio state fuckeyes. Buck the fuckeyes and go blue.

  44. The only thing good about cols oh is the barcades. But other than that cols oh sucks. Ohio state fuckeyes suck. Their is no jobs here that you can make money. The weather here is very strange you get four seasons in one. The entertainment here is the Ohio state fair wristbands are 25 dollars and you can’t rides like the skyride, helicopter ride which sucks why pay 25 dollars when you can’t ride the helicopter, sky ride. It is better to go to 16 bit arcade in downtown cols oh or level one in Worthington oh across from Marcus movies theatre the games are free as long as you are drinking beer or soda pop and you can bring outside food into the arcade. That’s the only good about Ohio is the retro arcades.

  45. When ohio state gets their guts spilled they and their arrogant fans can lie on my michigan nuts. Go michigan.

  46. Ohio state football coaches and ex coaches and players, ex players, conditioning coach, Anthony schlegel, ohio state fuckeye fans can spill their guts and lie or suck on my michigan nuts. You can’t spell cocksucker without osu. Go blue

  47. Ohio state football players don’t last long in the nfl the proof is in the pudding that Ohio state sucks. Most of their football players are just money hungry for millions of dollars. Within a few years they end up being released and nobody wants them. Because Ohio state is a worthless nut. Go blue

  48. Im 26 and i’ve lived in ohio for my entire life. Im also black and female. Im going to break down my observation of ohio for you.

    White people:
    While I havent been discriminated against openly, you can definitely feel the animosity coming from some whites in particular areas. Especially in locations like Hudson and Wooster ohio. These people will literately stop and stare at you as if you’re a pink talking lion wearing lady gaga’s meat suit.

    Places like Solon, Beachwood, and Aurora are filled with some uppity white people. Dont bother with common courtesy nor conversation because they wont respond. Majority of these white people are so rich, they cant take the time out of the day to stop and say “hi”, unless its to purchase an item that requires their credit card.

    For the most part, white people can be pretty cool elsewhere. The ones i hung out with would cheat on test, smoke a lot of weed, steal from walmart, and party on tuesday after school with their front doors unlocked. Haha…. to this day, i refuse to bring any sort of money around these types of people because it will be missing by the time I come home.

    Black People
    Black people are quite interesting. The black people who like to read, listen to classical or instrumental music, watch Game of Thrones/Vikings, or something called “anime” and “K/Jpop dramas” are wonderful role model like citizens. Easy to get along with and will help you if you’re in need.
    However, if a black person doesnt have any of the traits above, then you want to avoid them like the plague. ESPECIALLY, if you’re a black person who speaks clear English. These gang babies will hate you so fast you’ll get whiplash. They’ll make it their duty to convert you to the thug life or hate you to the point you’d want to kill yourself. I have learned that the easiest way to combat these little hyenas is to simply feed them food. Bring candy and just offer it. They may hate you for a while and may even try to take advantage of your kindness. But be diligent to these animals and eventually, they will think of you as a provider instead of a prey. On the flip side, they have no problem hanging out with “a lil white boy” or “china man” who have very little knowledge or respect for black culture. And while im on the subject…

    Asian People
    Asian People (including indians) are cool when they’re cool and mean when they’re not. They’re the hardest group of people i’ve found to befriend with. They’re heavily secluded into their own racial group and will quickly shut you down, even if it is to say “Hi”. They rarely date outside their race. But If they do, it’s with someone white. I seem to have the best luck befriending asians that are young(teens to late 20) fobs(fresh off the boat) or are second generation.
    For the majority of asians, they come across as snooty. Worst than white people. MUCH worst. They tend to have a very sharp belittling attitude toward black people. I only have three close asian friends. And all three of them have told me that their parents hate black people. Even though i have met all of their parents, I am no longer able to go over to their house simply because the parents found out that I was black. Look at that. A high school honorary graduate, not allowed to go over to a friends house because of the color of their skin skin. I feel like im the 60s or something. Its one thing to not like black people because of a bad experience. Its another to deny any good experiences from happening.
    Also, I was constantly followed around by asians at their hair supply shops. I eventually just stopped going and started ordering my hair care offline.

    Diversity and Home Life?
    All and all, if you’re looking for diversity, you’re not going to find it here in ohio. Majority of ohio is still segregated. Black people live in ghettos and whites live in their nice suburbs. Its also very hard to get a good career job without knowing a head honcho in the place you want to work. If you were born in the ghetto, white or black, you’ll have a rough time getting into the pompous suburban circle. You need contacts to get in. But you cant get the contacts unless you’re already in.
    Why is this? Well its because everybody knows everybody in ohio. You have pockets of civilization- think of it as Lilly pads in a pond. The cornfields are the water and the lilly pads are the cities. All of the bugs that know eachother are usually born and raised on that lilly pad. If you’re a frog who just hops on to the pad, you’re automatically treated as an outsider. The only way for you to be accepted in, is if a bug vouches for you. Meaning, a bug has to know you. If you’re not known, you’re going to have to hop elsewhere. Meaning, another state.

    City Life
    [N/A ]

    Cornfield Life
    Rest assured that nothing ever really happens in ohio. You dont have to worry about too many tornadoes, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, or tsunamis because Ohio looks like it has already been hit by all 4! If you close your eyes for a moment, you could easily imagine yourself being a zombie on the walking dead, because thats what the ohio life looks and feels like for the most part. You aimlessly walk threw bland scenery, only to run like hell toward anything that seems remotely loud and interesting. And i bet thats how the police feel…

    The Police
    If you’re a poor white male driving a bad car or black man driving a really nice car, beware of the police. They will stop you for any bizarre reason in hopes that there is a cause to ticket you upon closer inspection. Rather the cause is “because you look suspicious” or “I thought your window was cracked”, make sure you’re ready to royally kiss their ass and tell these police officers how happy you are to see them doing their job. Dont forget your “yes sir, no sir,” and “thank you sir. I appreciate you looking out for the safety of small town people like me,sir”.
    Keep your front up even when they do their damnest to be complete dicks to you. Try to remember that these officers are bored as hell. They are itching for you to do anything-ANYTHING AT ALL which may result in news coverage or a shred of entertainment to gossip about over donuts and coffee.

    1. Beware of the pick up trucks on the high way. People driving them will make it their duty to drive up your ass and run you off the road if you’re not going over 90mph.
    2. If you’re looking to be on welfare, you’ll love it here.
    3. Dont come here.

  49. Urban meyer , Anthony schlegel and the entire football team can come over and lie on theese Michigan nuts. Go blue

  50. The cols oh police some are overweight and out of shape. I can see where you are comming from. Being a cop you have to be in shape not with your gut sticking out. The chief of cols oh cops needs to make sure that their officers hit the gym or bike patrol instead of sitting in their cruisers and eating donuts and drinking coffee. I am almost 40 yrs old and I’m still in shape and my gut is not sticking out. The grade I would cols oh cops is d- they could do their job a whole lot better than what they’re doing now. The policing in cols oh is pathetic it is not even funny. The ohio state campus you can’t walk by yourself in broad daylight or at night. Make sure you have a gun or something to protect you by the time the police get there it’s to late. A guy was jumped by some young thugs ages 13-17yrs old last month near the Bowen house on N. High st. in cols oh. I thought when you go to college is to learn and not get drunk. If you have kids don’t let them go to ohio state university all they do is get drunk and party. Life is to precious for all that bullshit. The reason why they do it because they live on campus and not with their parents. The students at ohio state have no morals who would wear shorts outside in the dead of winter are they that dumb or they just like to play with mother nature.

  51. Wanda You are dead on for the most part ! I would say Northeast Ohio is one of the worse places for non stereotypical Black American Men and Women . You also have cities like Atlanta GA and wealthy Prince Georges County Maryland near DC which is a Black mans version of Hudson Beachwood and Solon .Except more affluence and with more of a militant Afrocentric kick . I grew up in Wooster and I would say without a doubt that its is a extremely closed society and the towns around it have no exposure with the outside world even with the bigger crappy Ohio cities . If you aren’t a conservative Christian or born there all your life you are screwed . I grew up in Wooster and I received my first job .Only reason I got the job was I knew the manager who lived a few houses down from me . I would say Wooster is extremely boring unless you count food and movies on a Friday Saturday night ! Canton Massilion Ashland New Philadelphia -Dover and Mansfield are just a horrible . I would say as far as racism from my expriences Wadsworth and Medina are the worse of the worse . They are racist to all people of color not just blacks like in some places . Yes much worse than Wooster in my opinion . If I were you I would look out of Ohio . I have visited most of the country and I really found the major cities of the West Coast and East Coast with a few exceptions much more to my liking . Prince Georges county Maryland is a very wealthy place but I would say its not for me because if you are a non stereotypical black man you will not fit in anymore than rural Ohio .Yes white girls there are in interracial relationships far more often than white women anywhere in Ohio and with black men far more than other races .But its with a black man who is usually if not always black like Seal or Michael Jordan and is the stereotypical mold . Atlanta I went there in the 90s for several summers and I would say the towns and suburbs around the city is far more open minded than the city itself . Let me say this Atlanta is not for non stereotypical black men .Whites don’t care about who a black man or woman is with for the most part t but the majority black folks there cant stand interracial couples period ! And there is a lot of tension between blacks who lived there or came from other southern states and blacks who are transplants espically those who come from Califorinia and other diverse western states get mocked and treated like crap ! Don’t get me wrong its a fun city but if you aren’t willing to go along and get along if you are non stereotypical then its not for you . Case in point I really think my expirences with other non blacks in Ohio hasn’t been quite like yours even in Wooster but beyond colors in places like Wooster and the like its very hard to tell who are your true friends they can say hi and make conversation one day and just act like they don’t even know you the next ! The cities I personally like are the following ,San Francisco Bay Area , Seattle WA , LA Santa Monica Ca San Diego Ca Sacramento Ca Minneapolis MN ,.Vancouver BC . Out of those cities I like the Bay area the most Seattle a close second and I visit there every year . The culture is different as night and day from Ohio ! Im not going to say its perfect but there is far more intergrated diversity ,There is much more social awareness on discrimination when in Ohio people don’t really care or even admit it exists . And yes there are a lot more interracial couples by far ! The Bay is not some town where a girl gets married by 20 has kids from a guy she knew forever and goes to some church and preaches the way things were in the 50s and you don’t see any frumpy obese tattoo covered tobacco chewing beer guzzling flag waving cigarette smoking 6th grade education Trump loving blue collar religious obsessed immigrant hating gun carrying deer hunting rusty truck driving pj wearing hillbilly loving Midwest loving wackos running around ! Its very obvious The Midwest and rust belt is just like the South culturally with almost as much racism but with far ruder people ! and far inferior weather ! I am saying this as a black man !

  52. Wanda I think the biggest problem with Ohio and the Midwest is that most people who live even in places like Columbus or Indianapolis came from homogenous small towns and they don’t relate to other races very well and know how to treat them because in the rural Midwest diversity is very hard to come by . Most if not all Midwest states are on avg 85 to 90 pct white and everybody else is poor and living in a dump like Milwaukee Gary Cleveland Buffalo Detroit and others . And the Midwest in many cases is more segerated than the south . Ive been to Nashville and Johnson Tennesee and as a black man people were very friendly and at church I was invited to dinner . In Ohio that just dosent happen to people very often unless they knew you all your life . I will say it again ‘The Midwest generally is like the South with almost as much racism but with far ruder people more segeration in major cities and far inferior weather . In the South the racists there let you know up front they don’t like you rather than try to be friends with people they hate or be nice and kind to people they hate .

  53. There is more than life than ohio state football and etc all they talk about on the news is ohio state and I’m not a ohio state fuckeyes fan. Beat ohio state fuckeyes crack them nuts. Go blue

  54. I dare say this but there are homeless people in California who dress better than everyday people in Ohio espically rural small town Ohio.

  55. People in cols oh don’t have respect because when I get on the cota bus I see people walking in downtown cols oh with their underwear showing and on the cota bus nobody wants to see your butt crack. People in cols oh don’t care how they dress. They dress like we are in slavery times and prison. That’s when sagging was first started. It is disgusting to see another guys butt cheeks in public. Cols oh needs to charge people for sagging and maybe they Will stop. The sorry ass mayor Andrew ginther of cols oh ain’t going to do nothing about it. Belts are not that expensive keep your pants up.

  56. Aaron craft is a bitch and so is Anthony Schlegel and the football coach and the football team can come over and lie or suck on my michigan nuts. Go blue

  57. Make a toilet in the shape of the horseshoe because ohio state stinks like piss and shit. Go blue

  58. I had two kids ask for money when they have parents that could give them money. I’m almost forty years old kids asking a grown man for money when they have parents at home and I think that is very strange. That’s why we need year round schools in cols oh instead of twelve weeks of summer break. I wish I could move from the fuckeye state called ohio it’s all they talk about on the local news. They chant ohio like I said before there’s only one thing exciting in cols oh is the retro eighties arcade bars. Juneteenth used to be free until 3yrs ago when a 15yr old shot an 11 yr old. The price to get in is 5 dollars per person expect to spend more on food and etc. I think juneteenth is now a piece of shit. Who in their right mind is going to pay 5 dollars plus food their will be some knuckleheads that are going to pay 5 dollars to get in. If I had to grade ohio and the cities it would get an f which stands for failure they are no jobs in ohio just ohio state fuckeye fans.

  59. If you are poor ohio is the place there are no jobs where you can make money to live off of. My friend is in his thirties and still living at home with mom and he is working most people would be on their own but with no jobs to pay the bills and have a roof over your head. Ohio is a poor state to raise a family. The only thing people like about Ohio is the Ohio state fuckeyes, retro eighties barcades. But other than that Ohio sucks 100 percent pure ass.

  60. Anthony schlegel and urban Meyer and the whole state of Ohio can lie on my michigan nuts. Let’s go blue.

  61. Ohioisswag I think Ohio sucks 100 percent pure ass. The reason why you like Ohio is because of the Ohio state fuckeyes. Let’s go blue.

  62. The Ohio state football team and coach and Anthony schlegel can suck on my michigan nuts. Ohio state is a bunch of cocksuckers so buck you Ohio state your nothing but a party school. Buck the fuckeyes. Go blue

  63. I hate ohio because it is a cocky state you saw what happened against golden state after the cavs lost the bars went dead silent it was hilarious so buck ohio I want to live in another state because ohio is boring the only thing good is the bararcades and that is it. There is no jobs where you can make money to survive and most of all ohio state suckeyes can suck on theese michigan balls. Go blue.

  64. This place seriously sucks. There is nothing to do and no real culture. There are a bunch of religious hypocrites here. People are closed minded here. People don’t care about their personal appearances. Being fat seems to be the thing here. There is no shame for these people. This is nasty. Peoples houses are disgusting, people are too lazy to clean up their places. Ohio is one big dump.

  65. The entire ohio state football team and their coach can suck on my michigan nuts until I bust a nut in their mouth. Because ohio state is nothing but a bunch of cocksuckers. Let’s go blue.

  66. Ohio is a cocksucking state the only thing that is good here is the barcades. The cols oh cops suck all they do is eat doughnuts and drink coffee no wonder why they are so heavy. The police chief needs to tell them to hit the gym. Being a police officer you have to be in shape not like somebody’s elephant.

  67. Ohio state fuckeyes and their coach and Anthony schelgel and their fans are nothing but a useless nut. All I have to say to y’all ohio state fuckeye fans. Buck the fuckeyes and go blue.

  68. An ohio state fuckeye has been dismissed from the team for violating team rules. That’s why ohio state fuckeyes suck. Go blue

  69. The ohio state team name should be called the ohio state butt guys. Because ohio state is booty.

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