1. This place is a shithole! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many states and internationally. It was eye opening to see other ways of living. I’m an open minded person because of this. The people down here are nothing but closed minded, uneducated, fatso stinky idiots. What is up with the tattoos all over their body? I have a few tattoos that are not visible when I wear clothes, I’m all for it. But to have tattoos all over your body, neck, hands, and legs is just overdoing it. You guys look like freaks of nature. I even see middle aged ladies and some senior citizens with visible tattoos that make them look freaky rather than “cool”. I’ve never seen so many passive aggressive people in my life! Why do Ohioans feel the need to be like this? Why can’t you deal with you interpersonal problems in a constructive manner? Thuggish behavior is the norm here! Why do people here feel the need to be thuggish and gangster? If you iron you clothes and wear clothes that make your look professional you are looked down up here. You have to wear baggy clothes and clothes that don’t match to fit in. Why the people here not interesting at all? Many of you guys have never been out of this state let alone this country to experience a different culture. Why do you guys feel the need to grow untrimmed beards that stink? It’s okay to have a beard, I have one, but trim that damn thing and wash it! I retire in 10 years and I can’t wait to move to Florida to live out my golden years there.

  2. And as usual, you Shithio retards never fail at being retarded. The majority of Maryland is shit, like all of Ohio, except it has one major difference; it has the safest city in America called Columbia. The inbreeding is so bad in Shithio that you useless mongoloid can’t even pay attention to the smallest details.

  3. This place is a utter shithole. I have seen more business leave this horrid place and more crime then a b line flick made in the 1980’s

  4. Ohio has a sorry ass governor named Mike DeWine and Columbus,oh has a sorry ass Mayor named Andrew ginther.

  5. Lol! These posts….
    ….born and raised in Ohio. Trust me when I say this: this state is chocked-full of redneck trash with low IQs. They copy each other’s behavior like baboons. It’s mostly really bad tattoos, bars and trashy people. Opiates are absolutely saturated in this state. The schools are crap because your child learns about sex and drugs from other little rednecks in school by 1st grade. Women are mostly shacked up with baby daddy number 4 and they like to scream at each other and make up. Weekly. There is absolutely nothing to do in Ohio. I’ve been to every museum, library, attraction, etc. And let me tell you: if people say Ohio is great and has a ton of stuff to do, it’s probably because they were raised in a shed somewhere and are just surfacing for some light. The weather bites but it’s truly the redneck trashy mindset that makes this state unbearable. I hope & pray that somehow in the ever -unfortunate events of my life, that one day I can somehow escape this state. But since all of my family lives here, it’s probably gonna be an escape 6 foot under some dirt & flowers.
    Don’t come to Ohio unless you’re visiting and for heavens sakes MOVE while you can.

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