1. and we gave you your corn

  2. Ohio is a depressing state for the most part. It’s filled with middle aged divorcees, redneck wannabes, single mothers with weird colored hair or tattoos that are unnecessary to have, guys who have bad hygiene (shave once a month, don’t wear clean clothes, have improperly trimmed beards, smell, etc.), angry/man-hating/disgruntled/heartless women who have been single forever or have popped out a couple kids by the time they were 25, old people who never leave the house, bad or arrogant cops, hagged out women in their 40’s who never exercise nor care much about their appearance, people who eat a lot of fast food, and of course cigarette smokers who always have something to bitch about.

    If you are single and looking for a good woman, have a good job, have money saved up, have a car, place to stay, practice good hygiene, have a good head on your shoulders, keep a certain spiritual faith, exercise on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis, know how to treat a woman, aren’t an alcoholic, don’t smoke, have a good family, have a good heart, can cook, etc. you probably won’t find the right woman for you. You may have to get out of the state and then talk to people who live in other states so they can ask you, “What the hell is wrong with the people in Ohio?” Most women in Ohio are ignorant, have a negative attitudes, don’t know a good man if it was standing in line in front of them at the bank or grocery store or what not, don’t give a sh*t about their appearance, aren’t higher educated, are sick or not feeling good at least once a month, act like they know sports but they don’t, go out to bars with their girlfriends until they’re 50 and even if they were married they would stay act like they aren’t, and if they don’t go to college, they will most likely have children out of wedlock by the time they are 25.

    The same ol’ sh*t is enough to give most guys headaches. Did I mention the unusually high amount of population of gays/lesbians. My goodness they’re all over the place, and they seem like they want to get married more than the straight people here. Most of Ohio doesn’t have much of an identity. It seems like every major city here is a little different from the other as far as its image. Cleveland will be the dreary Cleveland it’s been since 1977, Toledo thinks it’s Detroit, Cincinnati thinks it’s a part of Kentucky (which is full of racists), Youngstown think it’s Pittsburgh but with more crazy people and criminals. Columbus is a decent city but it seems like it has itself stuck in 1997. Way too many over-obsessed Ohio State fans that think they are the best college in all sports and in all the land. So annoying.

    There are some things that make Ohio depressing other than what I mentioned from observations above. We have the worst rates in men and women’s heart health according to AHA. We have the worst average population drop every year out of most states in the midwest. Our inner city schools for each major city have been going down hill for the last 25 years. Any rural area you go to, every other person you see will be 30-40 pounds overweight and some areas in Northeast Ohio have some of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. Women with 2 stomachs that make you wonder how they had their kids, when it seems impossible to have sex with that. Skinny women who think they’re fat and fat women who think they are sexy or skinny. And yoga pants are something you wear around the house or work out in or even sleep in, not to wear to church, the office, to a bar, out to eat, etc. I have never seen so many women out in public here that wear what they would go to bed in or work out in. Just saying, sh*t gets old fast.

    I mean no place is perfect but there are so many people here who don’t give a crap about anything in life or bettering themselves and think it’s the norm to keep things depressing, dreary, or just gloomy in general. And the drivers in this state lack the necessary respect for other drivers on the road as if they own the road or drive however they want to. Passing on the right side, driving on people’s tail even when the person in front is going 10-15 over the limit already, people who speed up to get in front of you and then slow down (a$$ backwards), people who honk their horn at you if you don’t go a split second after it turns green, and the biggest of them all: rolling through stop signs, if you live out west they call it the California roll. I have never seen so many rolled through stop signs in my life whenever I’ve driven in Ohio.

  3. you sound like a male version of me. you are right about many of your observations here. I do not know if you are a native of the area. but in time Cleveland does have a dullness to it and a drag about life and making money are being here. I have seen and been witness to this all my adult life. Education does not even guarantee success. it is the lack of really good opportunities and true advancement that gets to me. you make me laugh . but I do think it is how we are raised also. but the city has divisions, forced busing, low paying jobs too many wal-marts. drug stores and mattress stores. who comes to Cleveland to truly develop high end things? they are re-modeling the city for the republican national convention in 2016. that is the biggest thing they got the and the rock hall of fame which all the inductees go to new York city instead and do not even bother touring here as much. If you would ever care to meet in person for coffee I will leave my email ginajeanclaude@yahoo.com and my name Is Gina and like all the other wimen you meet here I do take very good care of myself and want to.

  4. if you email I can give you my phone in private . take care good luck out there

  5. Straight outta Ohio September 17, 2015 at 1:27 am

    I think we should all get toghether and meet at a restauraunt or coffee shop ! This should be a support group .Its very disparaging to look and live in cultural inferiority and see people in public fat ,hagged out ,wearing bed clothes in public 4 kids from 4 fathers and bad personal hygiene . Ive been to most of the country and Ohio isn’t the worse st but its the most culturally inferior st and even the nice parts are affordable with very rare exception and why ? Because no sane person of any self worth would dare want to live here and spend the rest of their life here unless you are what I just mentioned in this post !

  6. greg,

    who are you are really Greg ? I am trying to summarize from reading your post which fabulous who is the real Greg behind this are you still single and looking did you leave Ohio why did you not leave your email address are you married now or divorced? we are trying to have a support group? we are all curious about you Greg . Dialogue and communication is very important. That’s what the pope francis said we are all from human family. chow for now. gina

  7. Straight outta Ohio September 30, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Ok Here are some updated Ohio Stats Most racially segerated cities of 50 largest 1 Cleveland 2 Detroit 7 Cincinatti 30 Columbus Oh ,Median income 35 th of 50 states. Infant Mortality 48th .Most Miserable cities since 2007 every major metro area in Ohio was on Forbes . The 2015 edition Columbus made the list . Worse state for pollution and emotional well being ,Worse st for minorities as far as employment and avg income .Ohio is 47 of 50th in child poverty and Cleveland Toledo Youngstown have child poverty above 40 pct and 7 of Ohios 8 cities have poverty rates well above the national average . Cleveland Toledo and Youngstown lead the nation in population loss .The 3 major metro areas of Ohio are behind the national averages in college degrees and incomes above 50 grand . Virtually every major city in Ohio has an avg income below the avg of the 50 largest cities . As Greg mentioned inner city schools in Ohio have churned out dropouts higher than the national avg as well .In avg age Ohio is one of the oldest states and the ages of 18 to 40 have left faster than all but Missouri and NY state . Worse cities for interracial couples Cleveland Cincinatti , .Worse cities for business Cleveland Cincinatti .Hint since 2005 Ohio gov Taft installed a commercial activity tax . In short companies who come to Ohio will be taxed a large percentatge Before 2005 Ohio was in the middle of the pack in job creation ,After 2005 Ohio median income has tumbled to 35th of 50th states and job creation has been worse than all but three states Arkansas Mississippi and West Virginia . The Decline of most major Ohio cities began in the early 70s,But places like NYC and Philly have made a major comeback .Cleveland Toledo Youngstown and Dayton ,Cincinatti have continued to lose population and since the 2000 that loss has accelerated . Ohio is and could join Michigan as the only state to lose population by next yr if not already .

  8. we moved here a month ago…and while the people here are nice….ohio is
    a drag….am I allowed to say that—since it is 2015 ???…LOL we picked a small, tiny even, town…and we are 30 minutes from ANYthing……if you are not a church person….good luck finding something to do……there are churches EVERYwhere!! Not much else…except corn fields…….. wthell is this school fee? we have 3 kids and owe over $200 in school fees!!?? PUBLIC schools!! We moved here from Pa…and while it is not a dream…it was much more family-friendly……. Unless you are on Welfare—Ohio is not a great place to raise a family. All welfare people…and illegals……would love it here. Free stuff for all– in those cases.

  9. So true. Although Ohio did cut small biz taxes in 2013, that is no reason to come or stay. Population shrinks but sprawl continues. Developers continue to pave over woods and meadows to build more homes and retail clones for a dwindling population. The vast majority of people are overweight or huge. Pun intended, yet they mostly seem content to tell you how God wants you to live, and vote.

    Ohio is a tar pit of mediocrity. It lulls you into underperformance by surrounding you with uneducated, toothless losers whose high point is dinner out at the newest O’ Charley’s. Same as the one five miles away, but NEW. Oy vey. First 26 years of my life in the clean air and water of Michigan. Next 22 here in the ass crack of the nation. It is time to GO.

  10. God I hate Ohio. I did not grow up here and only moved to the most depressing state in the country as an adult because of family. Rude, stupid, barely literate rednecks with the personality of cement, the most aggressive drivers, and the most boring cities. No wonder so many are moving away.

  11. Straight outta Ohio November 1, 2015 at 3:26 pm

    If Ohio was a woman it would be the fat loudmouth tattoo covered uneducated, boring pregnant , girl who vomits on the roller coaster

  12. Straight outta Ohio November 2, 2015 at 1:45 am

    Keep this in Mind of where to live , Places I would live 1 San Francisco CA 2 Seattle WA 3 Vancouver BC 4 San Diego CA 5 Denver Colorado 6 Portland Oregon 7 Honululu Hi 8 Minneapolis MN 9 Oakland East Bay Area CA 10 Santa Monica Venice Los Angeles CA Places I avoid 1 Detroit Mi 2 Cleveland Oh 3 Cincinatti Oh 4 St Louis Mo 5 Pittsburg PA 6 Louisville Ky 7 Indianpolis IN 8 Columbus Oh 9 Milwaukee Wi 10 Buffalo NY

  13. Straight outta Ohio November 2, 2015 at 1:50 am

    Places on the bubble but not preferred , 1 New York City , 2 Dallas Tx 3 Houston Tx 4 San Antonio Tx 5 Charlotte Nc 6 New Oreleans LA 7 Philadelphia PA 8 Miami Fl 9 Phoenix AZ 10 Oklahoma City Ok

  14. Straight outta Ohio November 2, 2015 at 1:53 am

    The last set of cities I would also put Chicago and Las Vegas on the list ,

  15. Wtf ohio?! Do something cool for us one time! You could have legal weed, but had to draft the worst law possible… hardcoding the state constitution to enshrine a cartel of ten oligarch assholes to own the marijuana cultivation process in perpituity!?? Really? Fuck you Ohio. Idiots.

  16. To Jon

    You are sooo ignorant. You can’t go to the ocean or the mountains in Ohio. Lake Erie is the most polluted waterway in North America. Its beaches are usually closed due to e-coli and whatever that algae is that poisoned the water in Toledo so they had to shut it off. Why are 5 Ohio cities in the top ten most miserable lists? Ohio has created jobs recently because of the low paying auto jobs in the past few years which have rebounded.
    The Baltimore area is growing, whereas the Cleveland area is shrinking. So how is Cleveland better? Plus the Ravens have won two superbowls, the browns, well zero. The weather in Baltimore and the economy are much better also, Maryland is the wealthiest state in the US. It has gained 800000 in population whereas Ohio has only gained 200000 since the year 2000. That is why Ohio has lost congressional seats. Baltimore is a tourist destination also.

    And finally Ohio has 5 cities on the most miserable list, including you blessed Columbus.


    How do you explain that, if Ohio is so great. You are the only person that thinks Ohio is near equal to anyplace else because your reasoning is completely devoid of logic and facts. You are a typical Ohio idiot.
    Ohio isn’t diverse, nor is it a tourist destination like most other states. Columbus isn’t even 5% Latino. If you want to see what a good state to live in is, visit NC.

  17. My biggest complaint is the “conventional wisdom” that ohio has plenty of jobs for everyone. Then u get here & realize only SOME OF the white ppl get good jobs. The rest of the white ppl & like 80% of the blacks are shut out of the whole northern part of columbus(rent/house prices) & if u live in the lower east/west areas of the city (where the other 80% of blacks & 20% of poor whites live) then your either shut out of the good jobs or if lucky enough to get hired folks back stab u/gossip till u either quit the good job or get fired for some trivial offence. But u can pretty much forget about getting a new benz if u black or poor white & cant get ahead. Like someone else said theres plenty of other places in the country far less racist & far more willing for the next man to get his foor in the door. & the town just LOVES foreigners. Hypocritic biggots.

    The one glimmer of hope about the crappy jobs situation IS if you not ashamed to do a crappy dirty low paying job where u get looked down upon columbus will at least pay u enough to keep a roof over your head & a lil food.

  18. Straight outta Ohio November 24, 2015 at 2:13 am

    States I would be willing to live in 1 California 2 Washington 3 Florida 4 Colorado 5 Minnesota 6 Texas 7 New Jersey 8 Virgina 9 British Columbia Canada 10 Maryland .States I would avoid 1 Nebraska 2 Ohio 3 Missouri 4 Mississippi 5 Arkansas 6 Indiana 7 Michigan 8 West Virgina 9 Kentucky 10 Tennesee

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