It comes from Terry Teachout, who reports that Ace in the Hole aka The Big Carnival is airing this Thursday at 2:30 AM EST, Wednesday 11:30 PM PST. This film is unavailable on DVD, unavailable on VHS. In short, there are RARE OPPORTUNITIES to see it! You know this if you are a film geek — even in a small way.

I have not seen it. I have been wanting to see it for years. I have spent much time trying to track this down unsuccessfully.

I do not have cable. While I have a few feelers out to pals, is there any kind soul out there who might be able to tape this for me? I will reimburse you with nifty books!

[UPDATE: Good on multiple fronts. Thank you very much, those of you who wrote in! You’re too kind!]


  1. Ed, if you’ve ever seen The Simpsons episode where Bart pretends to have fallen down a well and a media-saturated midway springs up around the site, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Ace in the Hole. I was fortunate enough to see this in grad school. Bleak, cynical stuff.

  2. I just saw it last week at The Film Forum here in NY. It was great but very front-loaded, as my PhD friend whispered to me after the first three scenes. K. Douglas was great. But that night I had to pop in “The Lost Weekend” to get proprerly loaded.

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