Response to the Shepherd (Four Centuries Too Late)

I’ll live with you and be your love
But countryside just won’t behoove
I’m urban, yo, I’ll need some grime
A dildo or your cock to climb

We’ll sit on rocks? I’m sure you jest
A settee please, it’s for the best
Hey nature boy, you’ll hear my words
Or are you lost among the birds?

The roses no, the choc’late yes
Or is your prize a slipshod guess
A kirtle? What? Have you read Elle?
Your swagger is just too darn swell

A gown? Well, where’s the swimsuit sir?
How fare the lambs who lose their fur?
If cold, I hope your heater works
Cause slippers aren’t the best of perks

The straw does scratch, the ivy too
Just grant a credit card from you
And then the pleasures we may prove
But chill with all these words of love


  1. I was always a fan of the C Day Lewis reply:

    Come, live with me and be my love,
    And we will all the pleasures prove
    Of peace and plenty, bed and board,
    That chance employment may afford.

    I’ll handle dainties on the docks
    And thou shalt read of summer frocks:
    At evening by the sour canals
    We’ll hope to hear some madrigals.

    Care on thy maiden brow shall put
    A wreath of wrinkles, and thy foot
    Be shod with pain: not silken dress
    But toil shall tire thy loveliness.

    Hunger shall make thy modest zone
    A cheat fond death of all but bone–
    If these delights thy mind may move,
    Then live with me and be my love. (1935)

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