Return of the Reluctant Endorsements

Well, since George is doing it, here then are Return of the Reluctant’s endorsements for the 2004 California election:

President: John Kerry
Senator: Barbara Boxer
Rep: Nancy Pelosi
1A: No
59: Fuck yeah.
60: Fuck yeah.
60A: Yes.
61: Yes.
62: No fucking way.
63: Yes.
64: Absofuckinglutely no way.
65: No.
66: Fuck yeah.
67: No.
68: No.
69: No fucking way.
70: No.
71: Yes. (This was the hardest decision, given my fury over states being squeezed by an ineptly managed federal government. But my sister, who apparently is more of a pessimist than I am, made a compelling point about the lack of federal funds for stem cell research given a Bush victory.)
72: Fuck yeah.