1. I’ll miss Dennis very much MY brother played Bass in his band for a number of years Bill Gilmore after Bill passed away dennis and I seem to get close we fished together some he loved to bass fish of course mine where bigger,He would love to hear that, God love you DY

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis in the early 70’s, playing opposite the Classics IV at venues in Boston Mass. Great Guy. Sorry to hear of his untimely passing. Was out of touch with him for some years but later saw him at a club in R.I. in the late 70’s early 80’s (?). He immediately jumped out of his chair, and nearly shook my hand right off my arm. One of my , back in the day memories. There is a rock and roll heaven. I am sure he is up there, entertaining everyone with his soft, whispy , melodic , always on key voice. Just standing there, doing his thing, smiling. R.I.P

  3. The sad news that Dennis Yost had passed away in December left me with a nostalgic feeling. It took me back to a time when great music played on the radio and those moments will never be recaptured again.

    Dennis Yost was truly one of the great artists of the 1960’s and his music will live on for many more generations to come. It is hard to find a good song on the radio today and that is why the classics continue to be played.

    I only hope that Dennis’ family gets the recognition and benefits of his many years of hard work in bringing us great songs that we will continue to enjoy!

    A devoted fan, Cindy in NC

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