1. Did you hear the audio clip on NPR this morning? God help me, all I could think about was Dan Akroyd’s classic SNL bit …

  2. I did, as a matter of fact. Even so, I didn’t realize how much I loved Julia Child until this morning. Between her and the Galloping Gourmet, they showed me that cooking shows were fun and instructive (and during my early twenties, pivotal towards helping me sober up from a hangover).

  3. Yes, the cleaner and more sober Graham has one of those cool slicing things, which I actually have in my kitchen (it’s very handy).

  4. What is Julia fondling in that picture exactly? It’s either a very large fish or some kind of latex novelty.

  5. Julia never needed frigging Atkins/No Carbs smack to keep her game going…she will be missed *sniff*

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