RIP Lloyd Alexander

lloydalexander01.jpgI’m interrupting my hiatus to report some terrible news. I’ve received a report (although it’s noted by Wikipedia) that children’s book author Lloyd Alexander has passed on. Alexander wrote some amazing fantasy books that I remember reading as a kid, The Book of Three and The Black Cauldron. His wit and imagination will be truly missed.

More info on Alexander.

The official website.

Daniel Laloggia’s discovery of The Book of Three.


  1. This is horribly sad, yet the information on Wikipedia was bittersweet. Married for 61 years…his wife passed away…and then he died two weeks later.

    I owe him a lot.

  2. The High King was one of the first books I ever read. I think I was six. The only book I can remember reading on my own before that was Bunnicula.

  3. Lloyd Alexander – whose books loomed enormous in my childhood – was very kind to me. I was passing through Philadelphia when I was 18, and somehow got hold of his number. How? The phone book? He very kindly invited me over and I sat in his living room and he talked about his books, my hopes of writing, and his lifelong friendship with Maurice Sendak. I was some random kid, and he was a generous, lovely man.

    Sad news, but also happy news of a long life well lived.

    Thanks for the post. I’ll link.

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