• Bush and Alberto Gonzales have now come out for greater coyright laws. Gonzales wants serious jail time for intellectual property offenders. But what he isn’t telling you is that, in light of the fact that he advocates torture, he wants to throw all teenagers who downloaded last week’s episode of The O.C. into a CIA-funded gulag. We all know who the real criminals are, don’t we?
  • A.L. Kennedy didn’t exactly kill at the comedy club. (via ElegVar)
  • For fuck’s sake, please stop giving Danielle Steel money.
  • So are these folks in Reno really turning to self-publishing because they can’t wait two years? Or because they are amateurs who fear rejection?
  • Chinua Achebe has called for Nigeria to speak in its mother tongue, preaching against “language colonialism.”
  • Proving that the Welsh often come up with batshit crazy ideas, there is now a 3D talking head of Dylan Thomas reading “Do not go gentle into that good night” on loop. It was employed during the Dylan Thomas Festival. The idea apparently was that a bigass talking head would somehow get young people more excited about poetry. However, great attention was paid to Thomas’s facial niceties. Too bad that there isn’t any video online.

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  1. Haha I actually saw Danielle Steel at Mollie Stone’s – or should I say, I saw her in the back of her Bentley while her driver went into the store for whatever nourishment multimillionaire novelists require on a Tuesday evening.

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