1. George knew exactly what he was getting into. He even toned it back for subtlety from “Dick swells to huge proportions”.

  2. In Canada it is typical for a novelist to start off as a poet: not only Michael Ondaatje, whom Silliman mentions, but many others including A.M. Klein, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Jane Urquhart, Nicole Brossard, Don Coles, Carol Shields, Leon Rooke, Michael Redhill, Anne Hébert, Mary di Michele, Anne Michaels, Michael Crummy, Elizabeth Hay, Elizabeth Harvor, Elizabeth Smart, John Steffler, Daphne Marlatt,Robert Kroetsch,Earle Birney,Dionne Brand, Anne Hebert, George Elliot Clarke,Joy Kogawa, Robert Kroetsch, Marie-Claire Blais…well, I could go on twice as long but you catch my drift.


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