1. George knew exactly what he was getting into. He even toned it back for subtlety from “Dick swells to huge proportions”.

  2. In Canada it is typical for a novelist to start off as a poet: not only Michael Ondaatje, whom Silliman mentions, but many others including A.M. Klein, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Jane Urquhart, Nicole Brossard, Don Coles, Carol Shields, Leon Rooke, Michael Redhill, Anne H├ębert, Mary di Michele, Anne Michaels, Michael Crummy, Elizabeth Hay, Elizabeth Harvor, Elizabeth Smart, John Steffler, Daphne Marlatt,Robert Kroetsch,Earle Birney,Dionne Brand, Anne Hebert, George Elliot Clarke,Joy Kogawa, Robert Kroetsch, Marie-Claire Blais…well, I could go on twice as long but you catch my drift.


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