1. That’s indescribably obnoxious, the Believer putting blanks in like that. I can’t explain it, but it fills me with rage and looks far more arrogant than would seem should the books be there.

    Really, that’s damned loathsome.

  2. levi ran away from me. i chased him for 5 blocks. a limousine came and he got in and the limousine ran away leaving smoke.

  3. So the books missing in The Believer list must be by Eggers and Vida, right, or maybe Heidi Julevitz? There’s others by people associated with McSweeney’s, including at least one of their books (The Children’s Hospital) is in the list. They could’ve just disqualified anyone associated with the magazine, though maybe too many writers are associated with the magazine.

    Doesn’t fill me with rage. (Frankly, if that’s true, you need psychological help, not kidding.) Though it’s odd and kind of dumb.

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