Until we guest-bloggers pool our collective blogginess and figure out how to keep together Ed’s excellent Roundups, I offer you some reading from elsewhere. Consider it a bite-sized roundup. Particularly as I don’t know how to make WordPress do bullets, or pretty much anything useful. Ed: WordPress?

Bullet!: Books are not sweaters. This post made me sweat until I bled.
Bullet!: Harry Matthews goodstuff.
Bullet!: A good review for Chuck P’s Rant.
Bullet!: Your online writing hideaway.
Bullet!: Books we want and books we need.
Bullet!: A good place to go, every day. Well, go with your browser. You know what I mean.


  1. PS, the Mathews link doesn’t work…can’t wait to see…

    Newish McSweeney’s has an amazing Oulipo portfolio—wait, this should be its own post…

  2. I’ll e-mail the post to you. Looks like Tempest erased it from the site, for reasons unknown.

  3. You don’t need WordPress to do anything, just toss in some HTML tags like “ul” and “li”. Easy.

  4. To my knowledge, this is the first time I have made anyone sweat til they bled. At least through writing. Thanks for the link, though!

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