1. Hi, Ed–

    I made it to your blog finally!! Thanks for the link to the Gotham Book Mart article. So sad. I have been mourning the loss ever since I heard about it last year. I still have my Gotham Bookmart bookmarks with quotes from famous customers (and the fabulous books I bought there, of course) from the last time I was in NYC.

    Now, just for you…”First you Witch, and then you Fly.” 🙂

  2. Oh God. Ayn Rand. Didn’t the Nash Equilibrium mathematically prove her “would only work for upper-middle class non-minority folks anyway” philosophy wrong? We are no longer 13 and full of angst in the burbs. Why are we still talking about her?

  3. Rand is a zombie! A zombie that disappears for several years and then resurfaces–without warning–and takes a bite out of your shoulder. She’s that freakin’ evil.

    Thanks for the Farscape news, Ed. I own all the seasons on DVD. I hope Ben Browder returns (now that SG-1 has been canned we should see Claudia Black back as well).

  4. “Who the fuck ends a book with a single word”

    This is no defense of Rand, but DeLillo ends Underworld with the word “peace” and I’d say it’s appropriate to the book whether you can see it coming or not.

  5. Well, you’ve only saved me from reading about 60 pages. I don’t think that’s an even trade.

  6. Adam. You’re really good at spotting sarcasm. Try aiming before shooting next time. Douche.

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