1. Klosterman isn’t a very good rock critic, but damn who else is there? I can’t think of anyone off hand that does a decent job with in-depth rock criticism. Help us out.

  2. As much as Hirschorn et al complain about McSweeney’s, Ira Glass, David Foster Wallace and so on as being the new death of literature, it’s funny that these guys nonetheless seem to attract such a wide audience.

  3. It’s interesting that here is another article (closely following the American Scholar one that Ed linked to a couple of weeks ago) that attempts, in a high-minded fashion, to deal with creators (writers, directors, etc) who inexplicably (the flimsy attempts at criticism in both articles comes off as condescending without any concrete literary reasons) frighten many in the ‘Establishment’.

    It’s the way of all things in the lit world; Ghettoize it, corral it, and you lessen it’s literary merit; see SF and Fantasy, and further see steam- or basically anything- punk and slipstream… Ok, fine, so this Quirk is prevalent–and as Tadd says ‘these guys nonetheless seem to attract such a wide audience….”

    But with that in mind, let’s retro-actively create a new ghetto– The Upper Middle Class Middle Aged White (insert white collar profession, preferably ‘writer’ here) and Thier Obsession with Adultery… Shall we call it… Bad Dads Lit?
    Like Chick-lit, but with more ‘accolades’ attached.
    Can anyone think of writers who fit into this new sub-genre?

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