• I am finding that June is making everybody crazy. In some cases, it’s the gas prices and the dawning reality that a vacation involves feeding over a few more twenties into the gas tank. In other cases, it’s the heat or some unanticipated weather. In still more cases, it’s prices rising in general. I am wondering if this is what is likewise causing Hillary supporters to freak out about Obama a week after the latter secured the Democratic election. I am wondering if people are reacting like this because they realize that, in some sense, the world will not change no matter what we do. This is not to suggest that we can’t at least enjoy the grand slide into anarchy. Or that we can’t position ourselves to be somewhere in the future where we can then strike unpredictably for the greater good. Even if nobody sees this coming.
  • If you missed the news, Rawi Hage won the IMPAC Award. And Nigel Beale has a podcast interview with the man.
  • Superheroes Who Can’t Have Sex.
  • Phone sex operators revealed. This fascinating gallery reminds me of the scene in Short Cuts when Jennifer Jason Leigh is changing a diaper while talking dirty into the phone. (via C-Monster)
  • I am offended by the apology. (via Deblog)
  • And the latest on the Sam Zell/Tribune front: Scott C. Smith has stepped down. The memo: “Sam, Randy and I agree it’s time for new leadership to lead the next wave of market driven change in our business.”
  • Nam Le on Minnesota Public Radio. Max and Wasserman too.
  • Rick Kleffel talks with Karen Joy Fowler.
  • Derik on the latest John Porcellino.
  • Auto-Tune is a menace. Exhibit A: Billy Joel.
  • Rowan Wilson interviews Simon Reynolds.


  1. Re: Billy Joel

    Forget the auto-tune; dig the unintentionally scarilarious montage of propaganda-pithed Murricans psyching up for a little bonehead virtual battle. Only a stadiumful of mid-war Germans standing for a similar rendition of *Deutschland Ueber Alles* could do it better.

  2. “This is not to suggest that we can’t at least enjoy the grand slide into anarchy.”

    Ah, the confident ignorance of youth. Dear boy, we are always sliding into anarchy. It’s like the heavy hand of fascism, always descending on the country, yet so rarely does it ever arrive.

  3. People are going a little crazy. I think it’s the price of things that’s largely to blame. And here in MN, the bizarro weather.

    The phone sex operator portraits are interesting. I wish they wrote a little more about those people. I got more background on the sexually frustrated superheroes than them.

    I just saw this featured on LJ and think it’s an interesting link for writers: Food and Drink in Fiction. “For helping writers get more specific and more exotic about the foods they include in their stories.”

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