• Some long-form posts are in the works. But for now, we revert back to the rushed blogger’s trusted steed: the wacky roan known as the roundup!
  • Thanks to a helpful commenter, I have spent a portion of the morning at Married to the Sea, an online comic that relies on clip art. Clip art-based comics represent a great place to observe the associative mind at work.
  • I have seen neither Black Watch nor Romantic Poetry. While I’m likewise inclined to quibble with needlessly dogmatic art, I should point out to Messr. Teachout that Stephen Crane wrote The Red Badge of Courage without experiencing a single battle. Art does not necessarily require first-hand experience to be emotionally true.
  • O-oh, here they come / Watch out pub, they’ll chew you up / O-oh, here they come / They’re some cash eaters
  • The 2008 World Fantasy Award winners have been announced. Guy Gavriel Kay’s Ysabel took home the novel award. (via Booklist)
  • At the Telegraph, Stephen Adams is reporting that a team from Manchester University and the London School of Economics is claiming that novels should be taken just as seriously as fact-based research. While I have always admired Tom Clancy’s ability to explain a complicated subject in layman’s terms, I don’t believe that a novelist is just as qualified as an international policy expert. Yes, a novelist can record visceral sensation, describe details, and steer us into his particular point of view. But this does not mean she is the right person to advise a world leader on matters of great import. There are very good reasons why Obama will likely not be filling up his Cabinet with novelists, although this didn’t stop him from asking Toni Morrison for an endorsement.
  • George! Goodnight, very yellow moon?
  • Is literary theory too abstruse?
  • I am equally suspicious of the claim that Hitchcock only got laid once.
  • Bit of a URL mouthful there, but it’s good to see graphic novels taken more seriously. (via Ready Steady)
  • GOP implosion has never been more fun to watch. (via Erin O’Brien)
  • Transforming novels into video games. Related: Tom Bissell’s New Yorker piece. (First link via Athitakis)
  • Roundup turning into sentence frags. Retreat! Retreat!


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