• I completely believe that the Daily News managed to “steal” The Empire State Building. One of the things that has amazed me about New York is how a considerable amount of information is often asked of another, but it is not often examined. You could probably put “Interests: Pederasty” on your CV, and nobody would blink. (Thanks, Z.)
  • Jason Nelson has created some enjoyably deranged game art that takes the piss out of numerous big-name Internet sites. (via Joe)
  • Why all the UK and Australian stars? The answer is simple. Hollywood is having some difficulty finding masculine men. (via 2 Blowhards)
  • This Recording infiltrates the New York Young Republicans Club.
  • An airplane pilot argues au contrarire to Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Decorated trains in Japan. (via Quiddity)
  • Yes, I love this cover too.
  • The trailer for the Ghostbusters video game.
  • The New York Times site has initiated something called Times Extra. The feature purports to include links to non-New York Times stories with stories. I’ve tried out Times Extra and have found this to not be the case. Having additional links is beside the point. The New York Times doesn’t seem to understand that the links need to be embedded within the content in order to matter (and not just to their own material). I certainly have done this on just about any topic, because I figure somebody coming to my page might need to go somewhere else for additional information. This is Web Writing 101.
  • I like me some Arrowsmith, Babbitt, Dodsworth and Elmer Gantry, Mr. Junker. (Main Street and the later work, not so much.)
  • The largest Ren Faire is in Texas. (via Joanne)
  • RIP Dewey.
  • Emily the Strange: plagiarist.
  • Subject: sparse description. Okay, time to go.

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