1. That indexes in fiction list is sadly not up to date. It’s missing a number of books, off the top of my head: Perec’s Life a Users Manual, Mathews’ Sinking of the Odradek Stadium, and Danielewski’s House of Leaves, as well as the recent LBC book Other Electricities.

  2. Okay, Ed, but don’t blame me if you end up disliking it. As I recall, back in the 24fps days we didn’t agree on much.

    Then again, I wrote a positive review of Phantom Menace and you panned it — and I’m finally a big enough person to admit I was wrong.

    (Then again, it’s my recollection that you panned The Big Lebowski… or am I misunderestimating?)

  3. Chris: Utterly no way that I panned The Big Lebowski. I saw the film three times in its first release — long before anybody else “got” the movie. In fact, one of those times, I was almost kicked out of the theatre for laughing too loud.

    And, as I recall, we didn’t disagree all THAT much. Granted, there were some harsh differences, such as “Phantom Menace” and “Ravenous.” And Adam Sandler was, of course, a great uniter in a negative way.

    In any event, now that I have your email, I’ll drop you a line tonight. I would have dropped you a line earlier to say hello, but I didn’t have a working email for you. Very good to hear from you! Funny how we both ended up in the litblogosphere. 🙂

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