I came close, but I didn’t quite finish the next Segundo podcast last night. But I hope to unleash it either today or tomorrow for your Fourth of July listening pleasure. I’ll have some things to say about patriotism and how the state of the country fits into my annual rereading of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution very soon, just before you fire up your barbeques. But in the meantime, I direct your attention to the current literary news at large:

* And yes I have used every resource possible. Data recovery programs, incantations, you name it. The data simply refuses to exist!


  1. The bookstore is in Quartzsite, AZ, up in the mountains and at least two hours from Phoenix. Trust me, no bookstore owners go nude in the nation’s fifth largest city. The Borders across the street from my condo by the Paradise Valley mall barely tolerates the goth teens who congregate there and disturb the retired cowboys and mah-jongg players.

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