1. Train Wreck is almost not strong enough for describing Tao’s 11000 word post. Nice to see there can be logical and not emotional debate in the comments section though – oh wait, only about two of the nearly 40 comments as of Sunday appeared to actually try to understand both sides.

    I can’t find it right now, but Eric Spitznagel posted something at his own site yesterday that was a parody of Tao’s post – and he remembered to, up front, let everybody know that Kevin published his own book.

  2. No, Tao, I was actually referring to the majority of the comments section.

    I think one has to say the post itself showed both sides – seeing as how you posted both sides of the email trail.

    I just don’t think most of those commenting (at least those as of Sunday, when I read the full post and comments section) were willing to take a look at what both you and Kevin were saying.

    Personally, I could see both your side at times and Kevin’s at other times. Most of those commenting however, either ripped you for posting the emails in general, or ripped Kevin for the edits he suggested, etc. Not many seemed to have read the exchange without possibly having a pre-conceived notion of who they were siding with.

    The post itself, while I think probably has to be considered at least having a little bit to do with emotion, was also laid out in a logical manner – four sections, each explained, etc.

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