1. Can’t read the whole article but to me the first sentence sounds snide with the “echoless” crap. What the hell does TNYT’s staff think people should use blogs for? I think blogs–by definition–have always been more personal tools than other kinds of websites.

    It’s for shit sure that I don’t think newspapers should be used for publishing LIES. I’m from NYC originally; I don’t know what the hell has happened to that paper. I barely recognize it today. Or maybe my memory of the past is a too-rosy faulty one. I don’t know.

    When people seemingly slam blogs for being “personal,” it really annoys me. My blog’s personal–DEAL WITH IT, WORLD. And, TNYT, can you hear the lack of an echo coming from my end toward your “news”paper?

  2. The Onion tried to sell itself to Comedy Central (owned by Viacom) back in 2000 and it failed under the owners at the time. They moved to NYC not to take in the pizza and the joys of riding the NYC subway. They moved out here to do business. And while they play close to the chest on their internal dealings, anyone thinking they stopped trying to court Viacom is hopped up on goofballs. The Onion wants to be bought out and has wanted to sell itself for years.

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