1. The publisher’s marketing department really gave it the college try for Eat Me. I was a bookseller at the time it came out, and they sent us t-shirts with the cover you linked. There was also a male version featuring a banana and two grapes. Good times…

  2. ::blush:: I actually copied and pasted that from a site. I think it’s part of the mandelbrot set algorithm, but it’s truncated.

  3. I just said it to re-establish a bit of democratic fairness.
    Sometimes you, men of humanae litterae, especially you, TEV, act as if the domain of literature was your own realm, which should not be entered by those who are not critics or writers.
    I, instead, enjoy to share what I know in my own field. And if education was enough to improve…oh well, that’s another post.

    PS – Before you point it out, English is not my first language.

  4. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, May, but I’ll accept that you mean well. But you’re quite wrong about one thing – I think literature is the realm of all those who love it. Whatever else you might think you detect in my posts seems more a reflection of you than of me.

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