• James Ellroy, as every literary person knows, is insane. In fact, he’s so insane that a bestselling novelist, who wasn’t exactly the beacon of mental health himself, once told me that he was frightened of him. But the publicist who got Ellroy into the same room as Deborah Solomon is brilliant.
  • Mr. Dan Wickett, the indefatigable man behind Emerging Writers Network, has launched Dzanc Books with a certain Steve Gillis. But now he has first title: a short story collection called Roy Kesey’s All Over, which will be published in October 2007. I’m definitely looking forward to reading this.
  • Paul Auster on writing.
  • If you need a little funny before tomorrow’s elections, which seem to be stressing me out as I prepare for the possibility of two more years of total Republican control, look no further than Buster Keaton’s “One Week,” featuring perhaps the best policeman kick in cinematic history (just after the famous motorcycle gag).
  • The ULA now has a book review blog. I was going to dismiss it, but any book review site passionate about Upton Sinclair can’t be all bad.
  • If you’re in Los Angeles, the world’s biggest Richard Ford fan, Tod Goldberg, will be interviewing Ford on Wednesday night. This is the guy who not only drove 300 miles to see Ford, but who left his sick-as-a-dog S.O. to do it. That’s hardcore. I mean. That’s hardcore. Hell, even I wouldn’t do that. So you can imagine that this will be a particularly exuberant conversation.
  • Rupert Everett’s memoir sold for £1 million and has only sold 15,000 copies. Other fascinating flops here. (via Bookninja)
  • Has Sin City 2 been canned?
  • A strange advertising deal between Google and newspapers.
  • The first ten minutes of the absolutely terrible Chevy Chase Show. How bad is it? Well, within the first minute, he talks in a high-pitched voice and sets up a puking joke. While he is introduced, he shoots hoops as if going through a midlife crisis. Train wreck television history.
  • Oprah kills literary momentum?

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