1. It makes me sick what’s happening to the ice shelves. 🙁

    I’ve seen that cartoon list before – there’s some creepy racist toons on there. The best cartoon ever is on there, though – “Feed the Kitty”. It’s so cute, you have to watch it!

    I don’t care if that booklist is for “young” hipsters, I want to read all those books now!

  2. Actually, Ed, if you listen closely to Dubya’s public comments, you’ll notice that he has quietly shifted from “global warming doesn’t exist” (though Jim Inhofe still insists that’s the case) to “okay, it exists, but there’s no proof that humans are causing it.”

    Sometime in 2007, I suspect he will shift once again, this time to “okay, it exists and humans are causing it, but stopping big corporate polluters from doing it threatens the very foundation of the free enterprise system and will unnecessarily harm the profit and loss statements of some of my very best pals.” Though I’m sure his speechmakers will come up with a more graceful way of saying it.

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