Roundup on a Sluggish Morning

  • Nicole Ritchie is becoming a novelist, drawing upon her own life experience for the book. That includes a particularly dark period as a drug addict. Says Ritchie: “I think sometimes when people think of the word drug addict they think the word dirty, under a bridge, like, really rock bottom. You don’t have to be that person to be an addict.” Of course! If you’re lucky enough, there’s always the sanctity and security of your family’s palatial estate during a withdrawal period. With butlers!
  • Julian Barnes talks about his new book.
  • Publishers are using fake websites to publicize books.
  • Clive Barker forthcoming projects: two films and a 500-page book with naughty text and illustrations called The Scarlet Gospels about “a man with pins in his head.” Hmmm…shouldn’t Barker call this one Cockraiser instead?


  1. Nicole Ritchie a novelist? That’s like saying Paris Hilton is an actress. Somebody please STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

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