Roundup (The Benadryl Edition)

  • In an effort to cure the nasal drip that will not die, I am currently in a Benadryl haze. I am waiting for the purple rabbits. So please forgive any woozy asides here in the next couple of days.
  • As widely reported elsewhere, Per Petterson has taken the IMPAC Award. Whether Petterson plans to use these riches for a campaign to point out James Patterson’s writing inadequacies is anyone’s guess.
  • I’ve seen many labels attached to Stephen King, but “gateway drug” is a new one to me.
  • Colleen has assembled a master list of authors that can be found making guest appearances on blogs this summer. This is a remarkably helpful resource. There are more authors here than you might expect. (Perhaps it was the Benadryl, but Gwenda has quite rightly pointed out that Colleen’s list is just for next week!)
  • Wet Asphalt has offered a passionate post on the criticism vs. reviewing debate, where I’ve been categorized in the House of Commons. That’s fine by me, although I’d be grateful if someone could send me the food stamp application forms.
  • M. John Harrison on Eggers.
  • Slushpile interviews Matt Diehl.
  • Jennifer Weiner has outed herself as the commenter on Paper Cuts, although I would prefer to see Garner engage with more than just “not-entirely-satisfied readers.” Of course, that will happen once the sun goes supernova.
  • Levi speaks favorably about On Chesil Beach. While I don’t think it’s McEwan’s best (two of the flashback chapters felt like narrative padding to me), it’s a considerably more focused book than Saturday.
  • James Tata has succumbed to Scarlett fever.
  • Stephen Fry on Web 2.0. (via Patrick Cates)

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  1. Hey Benadryl Boy — Colleen’s list is actually just for NEXT WEEK’s blog extravaganza she put together. Which makes it even more impressive!

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