1. I ran this race once, maybe five years ago, and thought it was one of the worst organized I’d ever seen. For starters, it was very hot (80 at race time, every unsual for S.F.). Then they started at the Presidio and you hit the Haight St. hill at mile 17. People were dropping like flies, IVs were in evidence everywhere. Then they didn’t have split times, water, etc. Fortunately, I always travel with my own private physician, but I felt for my fellow runners. From the pics you provide, it looks like some progress has been made, but I’d still recommend NY for a well run (no pun intended) race.

  2. What can I say. I have run this 4 years in a row and it gets better each time. Yesterday was one of the best organized marathons I have ever run and I have done 40. NY is fun but many more problems then S.F. You should run this again. I think you will change your mind. Best, Louie

  3. This was my 13th marathon. I would like to thank each and everyperson who worked and made it possible for the thousands of people to come together and run. The San Francisco marathon changed my mind about running the LA’s. there were so many great things about this marathon and one of them for me was running on Goldengate Bridge. Thanks for making one of my small goals achieved. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.
    Peace on Earth,
    Azam Azaditabar- Carlson

  4. I made the mistake of not carrying my own water and gatorade. I thought the water was scarce on the course. It was a little defeating to have the 2nd half marathoners cruising buy us in for the long haul, looking fresh! Perhaps they could keep it to the first half only. the hills were killer!

  5. I’ve lived in San Francisco for 25 years. I’ve run the SF Marathon 4 times with as many different courses since 1987. Aside from the Lompoc Marathon, this was my least favorite twenty-six-point-two miler because of the lack of support for a “big city” marathon, and because the course simply sucked. The 2006 running redeemed itself in a very big way in my eyes. The course was incredibly scenic, well organized and supported. IWith the exception of the lack of crowd support, I thought that I could have been running the NYC Marathon, Chicago, London, Stockholm, or the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC. I was overjoyed not to have to run that boring stretch of the Great Hwy that it didn’t matter that the crowds weren’t out in great numbers. If the race continues with the sort of organization it demonstrated this year, I think that the crowds “will follow”. What a pleasure…. and what a nice ‘training run’ to prepare for the Sydney Marathon this Sept. 17th. Thanks immensely to the entire SF organization committee and sponsors of SF Marathon 2006. Sincerely, Cecilia Chase

  6. This was my 6th SF Marathon and was the best course yet. The tradeoff of the Great Highway for the Golden Gate Bridge was a no brainer but I kind of missed the ocean views. It didn’t seem like we spent much time south of Market and although the second half got a bit warm, the city showed quite well to all the visitors.

    I thought all of the volunteers were great and the water stops plentiful enough. I could quibble and say that the replenishment drinks could have been served in larger cups but that would be a quibble. Best shirts yet!!! I’m already looking forward to 2007.

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