Save the Blogs! Rally Report


The above picture was taken from our Save the Blogs! rally, held yesterday morning at the Terre Haute Hampton Inn. Alas, nobody showed up. Not even the organizers. And this was after we offered everybody free pizza and beer and paid a few people to show up. Alas, it’s hard to find good help these days.

But WE WILL NOT REST until the litblogs are saved! Where else can you find such nonsensical nomens as “herringbone plot structure?” Where else can you find over-the-top diatribes and, above all, THIRD-HAND LITERARY NEWS about today’s contemporary literature?

You may not have attended yesterday’s rally. But the bloggers may very will be coming to your basement very soon!

We now plan to picket the Terre Haute Hampton Inn in the forthcoming months. For one thing, the Terre Haute Hampton Inn does not have a basement, therefore making it a hostile edifice for our blogging purposes. We have also learned from a litblogger, who heard from another blogger, who in turn heard from a man claiming to be Richard Ford’s accountant, that Richard Ford stayed at this very hotel!

So look out, Hampton Inn! You’ve messed with the litbloggers! And some of us forgot to shave!

(Cross-posted at From a Basement in Terra Haute. See, we bloggers deliberately misspell cities! Take that, mainstream media!)

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  1. This is hilarious. I’ve enjoyed the previous posts in this “series,” but this one made me crack up.

    Now, how about an update on how many signatures your petition has?

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