Scarlet Fervor

I’m placing my energies into muchas ollas right now. Lengthy dispatches and bulleted bundles will return at their regular frequency just as soon as I take care of a few things. But I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to the latest Segundo pledge drive. I have had to refund a few offers because of the conflict of interest policy, and I’m looking into the possibility of anonymous donations. Alas, short of a masked bagman in Midtown answering to the name of Emmuska Orczy IV, Paypal does not appear to have an option along these lines. This may be just as well. I’m still pondering the precise ethics of this.

Nevertheless, if you can throw in a few bucks to help us secure operations through the early fall, it would be much appreciated. (And remember, $10 gets you a chapbook!)

Thanks again!

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