Serialized Novels

Maud notes that The Great Gatsby is being serialized in the New York Times. As a Fitzgerald fan, I commend this decision and recommend that it be read concurrently with Get Out, You Damned, Saddam Hussein’s fourth novel, now being serialized in Asharq al-Awsat, a London-based Arab newspaper. An Iraqi critic, Ali Abdel-Amir, notes that Saddam “was completely out of touch with actual reality, and novel writing gave him the chance to live in delusions.”


  1. Gatsby: only in copies of the New York Times distributed in the New York metropolitan region. Also, not to be a niggling second-citier or anything, but isn’t July 14 a little late to be starting your summer reading?

  2. Well, FOX decided they could start their new season during the summer, so why can’t Ed start his reading a bit out of sync with the rest of… the … networks. Nevermind.

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