Setting the Filthy Record Straight

As Carolyn Kellogg notes, an angry mob has descended upon Susan Carpenter because Carpenter used the term “cunning linguist” in a review. But Carpenter is not the one to blame. For it was I, dear readers, who sullied the Los Angeles Times back in February 2007 by including the term “cunning linguistics” in a review. And this was a review of a YA title, no less. So I am the one here to blame for infecting the Los Angeles Times with such filth. Approach me with your pitchforks, angry mob. I am at the mercy of your perfunctory assaults.


  1. You’ve fooled no one with this item’s mention of a “YA Title,” which is obviously a smutty veiled reference to Giants quarterbacking great, Y.A. Tittle. Fred Exley would be shocked and appalled.

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