Shameful Joy? I Don’t Think So.

Derek has posted some marvelous photos of City Hall marriages. It’s bad enough that the Republicans seem shocked or outraged by the idea of other people experiencing happiness. (What kind of a sourpuss do you have to be to deny that?) But I cannot fathom why the Democrats (including John Kerry, that so-called all-American bastion we’re all doomed to vote for in November) don’t have the courage to get behind normal people who want to be married. Do these swell folks look like they’re going to destroy this nation? Has happiness become a weapon of mass destruction?

And another thing: How can any reasonable person be against same-sex marriages while simultaneously supporting the 30 second Las Vegas marriage? In this country, I guess it’s perfectly okay to enact a life partner decision when you’ve snogged a stranger and had far too many margaritas. But heaven forfend that we grant the same right to two people who have been with each other for decades and who base their decision to marry on something more than drunken vagaries and killing time between blackjack tables.

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  1. I wonder the same thing. People are crazy!

    I get all giddy with joy each time I hear something about marriages in San Francisco or see a related photo or news article. Partially for the joy of justice being served, and partially for sticking it to the man.

    It feels like we’re on a roll now with this gay marriage thing, and it’s going to take a lot to stop this train. Fingers crossed that it becomes legally accepted everywhere and that people start focusing on fixing problems rather than perpetuating old ones.

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