She Deserves More Than a Break Today

A transgender woman goes into a McDonald’s and has permission to use the bathroom. The manager then threatens to kill her and beats her with a lead pipe. The woman’s friends call the police. The police refuse to file a report and arrest the woman instead.

Is this the Deep South? No, this happened in Manhattan.

Call the Midtown South Precinct at 212-239-9846 if this pisses you off.

Send mail to:

Ralph Alvarez
President and Chief Operating Officer
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

(via the Other)


  1. Hey, chill with the regional potshots, Ed. It’s bad enough that the Slate article says southerners can’t get the McArthur. Don’t kick us while we’re down!

  2. No regional potshot intended. In fact, I specifically wanted to point out that this happened in Manhattan because this kind of thing happens all over.

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