Signs of Aging?

Either I’ve lost my edge (in the way immortalized by LCD Soundsystem) or I’ll just have to confess that the new Depeche Mode album, Playing the Angel, is actually quite good. (However, I suspect that all this is because I really like the flangy synth voice used for the “bing-bing-bing-burrrrrrr” on the single “Precious” and I’m dying to know what keyboard was used.)

[UPDATE: And speaking of music, Quiddity’s got the skinny on how to stream the new Annie album. Good stuff, Annie — if, like me, you like goofy Norwegian dance music.]

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  1. Maybe you can test your “lost edge” theory by trying out the stream of Neil Diamond’s new album on myspace. I know he’s this year’s Johnny Cash, but man, Cash at least had cool to start with. What did Neil have? Comin’ to America, indeed.

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