Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Australian News: “Those on low-carb plans lost weight more quickly over the first six months but failed to shed much more over the next six. Those on low-fat, low-cholesterol diets continued to lose weight throughout the year. There was no difference over the full 12 months.”

Boo yah, low carbers! I win!


  1. The Atkins Diet is actually the Fatkins diet. Do the tried and true. Eat responsible portions and eat what makes sense. Sitting at your kitchen table at 4 in the morning as a big plate of Ho-hos smothered with hollandaise sauce finishes rehating (yesm REHEATING) in the microwave as you suck down a pouch of intentionally fermented “Capri Sun” is neither responsible nor sensible.

    Ahem… and oh yes, slow and steady DOES INDEED win the race.

  2. Oddly enough, this quarter’s issue of Skeptic Magazine ( has a cover story on low carb diets. It’s a bit heavy with the microbiology, but it’s the best in depth look at exactly how these low carb diets work.

    If I remember correctly, it’s something to do with messing up your insulin, which somehow causes a the breakdown of existing fat in the short term. Somehow or an other, the body figures out what’s going on and begins storing fat again, which is probably why Atkins et. al. recommend a different mix of foods after the initial weight loss.

  3. I actually felt slightly sick to my stomach at the thought of Ho-Hos and hollandaise sauce. On top of the obvious, how could you take such a great American product and ruin it with something so French? That’s like drinking a vintage wine with your hamburger – it ruins both.

    BTW, are Ho-hos bad for you?

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