Sorry Stanley, But That Monolith’s Too Rectangular for Our Target Demographic

Mindjack’s Ian Dawe points to this Terry Gilliam interview, where Giliam reveals that the Miramax people refused to allow a nose prosthetic to be applied to Matt Damon. Dawe asks, “[Harvey Weinstein]’s willing to bankroll some of the greatest directors working (Scorsese, for instance), but treats them as if they were working in the old Hollywood studio system. Is this really the best that we can do by our filmmakers in 2005?” [More on Gilliam can be found in today’s New York Times, where Gilliam says of Hollywood, “If there was an Old Testament God, he would do his job and wipe the place out. The only bad thing is some really good restaurants would go up as well.” He also notes that the excellent actress Samantha Morton was replaced by Lena Headey.]

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