Sounds Like My Idea of Heaven

If you remain doubtful of Canadian ingenuity, look no further than Winnipeg: “A new nightclub at 115 Bannatyne Ave., The Library, boasts go-go dancers dressed as sexy librarians, servers who will leave contact lenses at home and wear eyeglasses — if they have them — and a general aura of naughty bookishness that owner Greg Haasbeek says is inspired by the movie Varsity Blues and Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher.”

Allow us to take the liberty of coming out of the closet right now. Greg Haasbeek must be a genius. Naughty bookishness and go-go dancers are what we live for. We have always considered librarians to be nothing less than sexy. (Perhaps we’ve just been lucky enough to encounter very helpful and attractive librarians over the years. Either this or we just have one of those standard girl-geek fetishes, in which case there’s nothing to write home about after all.) (via the polymorphously perverse Michael Schaub)


  1. I’m going to use the war as an excuse to move to Winnipeg. Plus I’ve racked up some serious fines. I’ve been a bad, bad boy.

  2. Isn’t it marvelous? Some friends are in a burlesque group in Asheville and we were talking about what dream identity each of us would choose if we could. “Naughty librarian” is the new obvs. choice.

  3. The Library is top level!
    The decor isn’t much to speak about. The interior is quite bare with a couple of stripper poles on a platform but after a couple of hours it is clearly easy to see why they opted for a less cramped space…the girls are shoulder to shoulder dancing to the latest dance hits. It’s basically 2 girls to every guy. The best part is when the girls loose their shyness after a couple of girly -pops and dance on stage making even the most hard-assed guys blush. It’s a teenaged boys fantasy and a Married guys daydream. Keep up the great work. Might I suggest a schoolgirl uniform night where the cutest girls get a prize!?

    Yummy – Too hot for teacher!

    -The Brentster

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