“Spaced” To Be Remade, Dumbed Down for U.S.

Edgar Wright: “I can confirm too, that Simon was never contacted either. I don’t really want to get involved at all, but it infuriates me that they would a) never bother to get in touch but still b) splash me and Simon’s names all over the trade announcements and infer that we’re involved in the same way Ricky & Steve were with The Office.”

Even worse, McG is involved in this remake. Which is entirely unnecessary.


  1. I look forward to how McG will completely miss the point of the hilarious “Playfighting” episode of SPACED….

    “They shoot with their bare hands? I don’t get it. Change it to a paintball tournament.”

  2. Just the premise alone gives me bad memories of COUPLING’s transition to the US.

    Ironically, they could have left COUPLING intact for the US, and it would have worked.

    The problem is (and it goes in both directions) that for every ALL IN THE FAMILY and THREE’S COMPANY and THE OFFICE that makes it on the other side of the pond, there are at least a dozen corpses of other shows that died in translation. Generally, producers and networks think their own audiences are too stupid to get the other side of the pond’s humor. Never mind that those same audience made the imported reruns popular in the first place. (And how in the hell can you replace Jack Davenport? You’d have to teach him an American accent! Only way it would work!)


  3. When did it become okay to make fun of a sandwich? I think McG’s a pretty good director for two pieces of bread and some meat.

  4. So funny that a bunch of Americans (one being my g-friend) introduced this Anglo-Aussie-american Mutt (Me) to SPACED; and we wondered why NOBODY with influence had at least noticed the sales of the UK DVDs to US homes and said “Well, at least we can release a US region 1 set… ”

    Well, now we know why– People in the TV and FILM industry are stupid and self-centered, behind the times, and clueless… It’s a miracle shows like “Heroes” get made at all…

    And ironic that the pop culture references that make up most of Spaced’s dynamic are AMERICAN shows/movies in the first place….

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