Star & Buc Wild: One Year Later, No Consequences

Return of the Reluctant regulars may remember last year’s Star & Buc Wild episode, in which two DJs verbally berated an Indian call center employee with sexist and racist language. As of this writing, Star & Buc Wild are still employed at Power 99 and Power 105.1.

One year later, Kai Yu sends word that the Coalition Against Hate Media has formed to protest the racist programming of Emmis Communications. The CAHM website is still up and there are no protest events planned. But perhaps they’ll get their act together and do something constructive, such as jam phone banks, fax machines, mailboxes and the email of Jeaneane Brennan, the ClearChannel contact for the New York cluster.

Ms. Brennan’s contact info is listed here. Protest away!

Jeaneane Brennan
EEO Manager for NY Cluster
Clear Channel Radio 525 Washington Blvd.
16th Floor Jersey City, NJ 07310
Phone: (201) 420-3703 Fax: (201) 420-3847


  1. i think that mr. star is very rude. he does not let anyone speak unless it is some thing that he wants to hear. I love it when he is out sick. the show goes much smoother. people are abel to finish their thoughts, their news and updates. Buck wild, Helene, & Chris can be right in the middle of a good story or a comment and Star will just cut them off. Why doesnt he just run the whole station by himself.

  2. I love this show, my morning is complete when I listen..I don’t understand why star was giving out all this monies to his peeps this morning who already have monies if he really wants to help someone he should assist me out of debt and in return i will help others, i dislike to hear when monies is given to monies, just like some of theses reality shows, the contestants are already rich. S

  3. This show is great… Was great… I’m in miami so the station is 103.5 the beat out here… and this morning (5/11/2006) i wake up to prince markie d… im like “what the eff is goin on… what happend to star and buc wild” and then i notice no more add’s about the show are on the air… what gives… BRING THE SHOW BACK…

    Objective Hater Out…

  4. The reason why Star and BucWild was cut, was because Star made racial comments about DJ Envy’s wife and sexually charged remarks about his 4 year old daughter. He said he wanted to do an “R’Kelly on his 4 year old daughter. And “tinkle on her”. So, agreeably he was fired. And I am gald he was. I understand that he keeps 100 for his listeners, but at the same time there’s a limit. You dont threaten to molest a 4 year old child.

  5. I despised Star and Buc wild with the passion of a THOUSAND FLAMES. I’m so glad they are off the air it’s ridiculous. I liked the Baka Boys. At least they weren’t complete racist pigs and were funny. I heard on 99Jamz that S&BW were fired and Supa Cindy was HAPPY to do the report. I can’t believe what it took for those jerks to get fired. They should not have been on the air in the first place.

  6. All I know is the only show that was worth listening to is gone. What star said was sick & ignorant there is no debate on that. However people such as Howard Stern,Opie & Anthony & MS Jones have done far worse & sick skits & sayings & for some reason stay on the air. & should we talk about what people such as rush limbaugh,michael savage & other conservative radio hosts say & never get looked at?? After the smoke clears in a few months Star will be hired again by over the air or satellite radio. But rest assured we have not heard the last of the hater

  7. I love The Show. I look forward to getting to work in the morning to listen to The Hater. What is the big deal about what is said on the radio? If you don’t like it then turn the channel! It’s all about the money anyway. I would pay good money to listen to The Show wherever they’re at. They’ll be back!!

  8. i love the show…It’s a great form of entertainment for the ride to work. Let’s face it, a station will play a dis record for entertainment, or promote a violent movie but get this tangled and twisted…star is just a victim of what he is the best at…HATING!!! I really hope you guys get it right and bring the father of all morning shows back we need that platform. Someone who does not kiss ass and says what he feels. He hasn’t come that far by luck, with little HS and college…go figure!!! ONE

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