Star & Buc Wild: Racist on the Radio

Moorish Girl posts to this item from Turbanhead. Apparently, the wakeup crew at Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio think that it’s absolutely hilarious to call a customer service line outsourced to India and berate an employee with sexist and racist banter.

The MP3 has been removed from the Power 99 site, but, in the event that Turbanhead‘s servers get overloaded on this, I’ve mirrored the file here and I urge anyone who cares to host the file too. For those who can’t play audio at work, here’s a transcript:

NARRATOR INTRO: Wakeup with Star and Buc Wild in the mornings of Power 99 FM.

STAR: I’m going to play this call from earlier before we get out of here. This is the, uh, call that I made to — I thought it was a company here locally. Not that I was surprised.


STAR: I saw this infomercial about, uh, what are these things called again? Oh, the, uh…

FEMALE VOICE: Bead? Oh shoot.

STAR: Anyway, let — let’s just play the call. I was surprised when I got somebody on the line in East India. These little beads that I saw. Little white kids, uh, a little machine that puts them in their hair.


STAR: Play it.

(tape begins)

STEENA: This is Steena. How may I help you?

STAR: Hi, Stain-a, you say?


STAR: (in fake Indian accent) Yeah, I called and I just got hung up on. I’m calling from America about the quick beads for my daughter’s, uh, hair. Quick beads.

STEEA: Okay. May I have your ZIP code please?

STAR: 10274.

STEENA: 10274?

STAR: Yes. Get it right. Now are you in India? Because I just spoke to someone in India who hung up on me.

STEENA: Thank you. I am from India, ma’am.

STAR: Okay. So my call is being outsourced to India.

STEENA: That’s right.

STAR: In… in regards to my six year old, white American daughter who wants to get the quick beads like Serena and Venus Williams.

STEENA: Now. I’ll definitely place an order for that. See…

STAR: What’s that?

STEENA: …in the ad, she called to place a quick bead of counier. To ensure proper handling…

STAR: Ma’am, I don’t know what the hell you’re saying. Hang on a second. Let me try and get something straight here. The quick beads, like Venus and Serena Williams, that to advertise to — to the white kids on television. This call has been outsourced to India?

STEENA: That’s right.

STAR: Well, ma’am, what the eff would you know about an American white girl’s — uh, uh — hair? And quick beads.

STEENA: Just to inform you, ma’am, we’re a national chain services company. And we’re just taking calls on the opposite…

STAR: Listen, bitch! Don’t get slick with the mouth! Don’t you get slick with me, bitch!

STEENA: Now if you continue to speak this language, I will disconnect the call.

STAR: Listen to me, you dirty rat eater. I’ll come out there and choke the eff out of you.


STAR: You’re a filthy rat eater. I’m calling about my American six year old white girl. How dare you outsource my call? Get off the line, bitch!

(laughter; end of tape)

STAR: Pull it up.


STAR: Heard they listen well out there.

* * *

The call letters of Power 99 are WUSL. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that the station is owned by Clear Channel. In light of the station’s Stop the Violence and Increase the Peace campaign, it might be worth addressing this verbal violence to the WUSL manager and to Clear Channel Corporate. Letters written on actual paper or faxes are the best way to deal with this. Emails can be overlooked, but paper is a physical presence. You can find addresses and fax numbers right here:

Power99 WUSL-FM
440 Domino Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19128
General Business Line: 215-483-8900
Fax: 215-483-5930
Director of Urban Programming/Program Director: Thea Mitchem
Operations Manager: Todd Shannon
General Manager: Dave Allan

Clear Channel Communications
200 Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: 210-822-2828

Ron has pointed out that DJs Star and Buc Wild have been added to WWPR-FM (Power 105.1) in New York (also a Clear Channel radio station). Clear Channel has apparently invested $17 million to sign Star and Buc Wild to the morning lineup. In addition to WUSL, Star can currently be found on Hartford’s WPHH station.

Star apparently has a history of savage radio behavior. In fact, he prides himself on being “the Hater” and his website notes that “he has the audacity to be unconstrained by neo-conservative intellectual influence.” The exclusive Star interview further notes, “Hate is one of the truest natures of mankind. We’ll always have Hate, even when we branch into outer space and set up new civilizations. To eradicate hate would mean becoming desensitized or emotionless” and then qualifies this statement with a followup, “Does a fat bitch love cheeseburgers? Absolutely.”

When he worked at WQHT, he played plane-crash sound effects when Aaliyah died, complete with a woman screaming, causing his former co-host Miss Jones to walk out. Star has promised to “bury his old station” when he gets to New York (the first show is set for January 17, 2005.

Of course, listeners aren’t really the people who matter in corporate radio. Advertisers do. It might be fruitful for watchdogs in Philadelphia and New York to keep a list of loca and national advertisers that air commercials during Star’s broadcasts on Hartford’s WPHH and Philadelphia’s WUSL. And when Star moves to New York on January 17, maintain the list of advertisers on WWPR.

If we hope to win the war against hate radio, then the time has come to mobilize with diligence and action. And that means paying attention to who pays the bill.

(UPDATE: It’s also worth noting that Star’s real name is Troi Torain. He’s also made anti-Semitic comments. Funny how he’s sensitive when J-Lo uses similar language. Apparently, Torain’s former New York employer Emmis has been trying to block his WWPR gig. Torain was suspended after the Aaliyah incident. The clause in his Emmis contract has kept him off New York radio until this year. That didn’t stop him from ripping about 20 award plagues from WQHT and storming off the office. And there’s more, even a book deal.]

[FURTHER UPDATE: The outcry has resulted in Star & Buc Wild being suspended for a day. Thanks in part to your efforts, Power 99 FM received more email and phone calls in the entire station’s history.

But this is only the beginning of the fight. Since the two DJs have been repeatedly hateful and since the one day suspension amounts to a consolation prize (Star & Buc Wild were moving out of Philly anyway), the DJs will quite possibly settle into the new routine at 105.1 FM in New York. If there are any able listeners in New York willing to keep track of advertisers, now would be the time to mobilize for a future campaign. Because in light of their history of abusive radio, these two will try again. ]

[THIRD UPDATE: Because of the abusive comments (despite my repeated requests), I have closed the comments. I’m appalled by the behavior from some people here. Hate is not the way to respond with hate. I can understand anger, but by drawing generalizations about Africans or Americans, you are giving into the same spiteful tone voiced by Star. And I don’t enjoy my mailbox being pummeled with hatred.]


  1. Hey

    i have an idea. Lets pool some money and get these asshole RJ’s asses kicked physically! 😉

  2. Those RJs doesnot sound like true Americans, who value foreginers with their input. definitely they must have been high on some illicit durgs when they did this, next time around check their urine, before the channels allows those dogs bark on air like crazy souls.

  3. Thats shows RJ’s frustation. When Amerian can’t do it, they start crying. This is one of the best example.

    Beat us if you can …..


  4. American public by and large is open to other cultures. Indians, please be aware of it. Do not abuse americans in general. It is the freedom of speech and respect for a human-being which these two RJs abused. Let us pity the petty mentality of those, and the few audience members who applauded. Let us not further vitiate the good relations between americans and indians, with caustic comments



  6. Ahh, the irrationality. For a rational discussion on outsourcing and it’s implications(also my response to this outrageous display by Star and Bucwild), take a look at some food for thought.

  7. This is sad…hope these filthy dogs rot in their own crap once they get booted on their ass!!

  8. Please once again, it is a specific case for which everyone including americans are sad. Lets not start abusing, since most of the people have good attitude, but sometimes, in order to gain popularity they forget sentiments.

    Also if we too start scolding, swearing, then there is no difference between the RJs and every other person who is swearing.

    Lets look at the issue, more sensitively and sensibly and with a cool attitude.

  9. Listen folks!!

    Remember in few years Americans will work for the same ‘rat eating’ Indians so get it right or you will have to redeem your debt in few years. Someone out there will hit your butt real hard!!

  10. People out there in America, Please understand that when you are out sourcing your work it dosen’t mean that you can talk anything. You are coming here for a mutual benefit for both the sides. Please understand that.

    I request the manager of the Star to Suspend her permanently. If people like “Star” don’t have the right attitude and can speak dirty language like this, then they are not worth enough to be doing an anchor role in the Entertainment industry.

    In my opinion the so called “STAR” IS NOT WORTH A DOLLAR.



  11. I am samll in size but my that thing is long enough to screw George bush`s ass.

    and it is is top condition because i had a beer yesterday night.

  12. People out there in America, Please understand that when you are out sourcing your work it means that u r INCAPABLE of doing it..& that does not mean that U BASTARDS CAN TALK ANYTHING.


    I request the manager of the Star to Suspend her permanently. If people like “Star” don’t have the right attitude and can speak dirty language like this, then they are not worth enough to be doing an anchor role in the Entertainment industry.

    In my opinion the so called “STAR” IS NOT WORTH A SINGLE PAISA.

  13. Fellow Americans….This is a total inhuman behaviour. Still go by the color of skin, realize what is the color behind that skin. All have the same red blood. Please let us become civilized…Bhaskar

  14. its really very sick to even hear comments like these … how do these americans laugh at it … americans shud start worrying abt themselves rather than the whole world … why is it that petitions are reqd to be filled for action to be taken against such an abusive and racist act .. and that too in america … its high time the americans select decent people in their democracy so that efficient laws are there for people to think 10 times before saying anything like these ..
    well it is still very heartening to see the concerns of so many americans on this issue ..
    maaz khan

  15. This is all funny!

    All that these Americans can do is listening to such shit! They cant even compete us. Why would an all American company would think of outsourcing their work to India if their “so called” AMERICANS are not busy hooking to the radio, listening and cheering to all this bullshit!! Think bout it!

  16. I would suggest all you guys ,ignore this fool and urge people not to watch his wretched shows,Star thrives on hate , and thats his business , it would be interesting to see what his reaction would be , when people completely ignore him ,rather than abuse him , coz thats what he wants,this guy thrives on hate , if u want to get back on him ignore him.

  17. What the RJ did was wrong and no 2 ways to that. But I think we dont have to ape the rj and abuse all americans, cos if that were the case we wouldnt be able to speak up on a forum like this.
    The RJ was in the wrong and not the entire American populace.
    The forum here actually shows a lot of Indians as racist…

  18. You think that calling up an employee and talking shit to her is kewl???
    someone will do the same to yq then u will know..
    all then Djs do is smoke weed all nite long and maybe hump each other gfs…
    pity on them..pity

  19. sue the radio company and they will start kissing your ass that is the only way these americans learn a lesson. the person who was abusive on the phone infact shows her frustration as he might have his wife laid off because of not outsourcing but she is less intelligent than all the average indians arfe. we rule them in this country and it is hard for them to see us rulling them

    f them

  20. Total bullshit. Make those bastards pay the price for abusing Indian. I am surprised to know that this type of language by foreigners is not a new thing to call centre guys.I only hope that indians learn a lesson and would never ever accept this language again hereafter.

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen: Please refrain from using from using obscene language. BOTH AMERICANS AND INDIANS HAVE BEEN CURSING EACH OTHER ON THIS BLOG; WHAT IS THE BLOODY USE? LET US NOT CALL EACH OTHER NAMES. LET US NOT STOOP AS LOW AS THE POWER fm GUYS. BY UTTERING PROFANITIES WE ARE JUST ADDING FUEL TO FIRE. All the people in the world are good and their skin color does not matter. In INDIA we have people from different ethnic origin and have been taught to respect each other; so perhaps such an act has invited some violent responses on this blog. As far as calling us BROWNIES is concerned: I can only thank the people for giving us such a sweet name. I HOPE WE CAN ADD SWEETNESS TO YOUR LIVES AS BROWNIES DO! 😉


  22. This is a what happens when Freedom Of Speech is over done, YES this country (USA) gives too much freedom to these low life A– Hol–, who are jealous of Indian outsourcing.
    The reason we stand first in education and status in USA is because we worry about professionalism rather than harassing someone on a live radio.
    Abuse of Freedom of Speech is the culprit here !

  23. indian: hi is this rj star??

    star: yaehh

    indian: go and fuck ur mother.. bastard… else i will cut off ur pe…(hangs the phone)

  24. Big deal – what is the fuss about? So what if two DJs found it funny to take off on outsourcing and spew some venom at a call center operator? I am an Indian living in the US, proud of my roots, and never hesitating to identify with where I am from. The fact that two DJs among the thousands in the whole country acted in a rather puerile manner for humor, does not make the RJs, the radio station, or Americans racist.

    American humor and the tolerance with it when pushing the edge of the envelope has been rather unique. Larry Flynt, the creator of Hustler magazine pilloried a conservative Christian preacher by insinuating he had sex with his mother in a contrived Vodka ad. The US Supreme court upheld the freedom of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment, and did not award any punitive penalties that were being sought. These DJs are no Larry Flynt, but they are behaving in an extreme fashion intentionally, because they believe it is funny.

    Let us remember that in India, Caucasian tourists are stared at, cheated when they are unaware of prevailing rates, oggled upon and voyeured at will. In New Delhi, the capital, we know it is downright dangerous for an attractive young woman to be traveling alone when dark. Yes, in the context of rapidly westernizing India, these incidents are less common (except for the cheating that carries on unabated). But we don’t see Indians accused en masse of the crimes of the depraved.

    The lady on the receiving end of the call kept her calm and was professional throughout. Her responses should be used to educate other operators on responding to uncouth behavior. Jf this lady has been hurt, she should be spoken to by the DJs. If she is offered an apology and can understand that this was extreme, off-beat humor not personally directed towards her, and can move on, let us stop beating our chests about racism.

    Please realize that America is not replete with uber-educated cognoscenti. According to the US Census, in 2002, only 27% of the US population had 4 years of college education. The economic downturn has caused many such people to look at overseas work with resentment, and fear.

    We Indians are among the most color conscious and discriminatory people that exist. As an analogy (that captures the relative skin color and economic differences), how do you think Indian employees would react if the Indian economy tanked in concert with all the cool paying work getting spun off to Nigeria? Won’t the country collectively exclaim “Aray! Those kallus have taken our jobs!”?

    Let us clean home first before acting excessively sensitive!


  25. Thanx to the Ed for publishing all the comments on this issue.Please guys we Indians should not start berating all the Blacks or for that matter Whites just because some crazy sonofabitch made those stupid comments.I know a lot many Indians who are equally racist but that does not mean that their attitude defines my Indianness.Racism in all forms is deplorable but the point is anyone in a position to voice his/her views (even though his own comunity may have borne racism since ages ….. as is the case here for the RJ in question) and insensitive enough ,does so.Lets not start squabbling over other issues but try to help all those who have been posting mails to the concerned authorities.Its good so many people have reacted but the juvenile stuff some have posted shows their immaturity to handle such issues.People who rant the most about taking violent action are the cowards in real life.Do and then air ur enlightened words of hate.
    AND JUST TO CLARIFY 99% INDIANS ARE NEITHER COWARDS NOR FOOLS as someone had posted.If this Indian wants to distinguish himself then I guess there are better ways…. but I guess his/her abilities are limited to annointing himself/herself and posting in public forums.

  26. Father forgive them as the bastards just dont know how to speak to another human being (if they fall into this quetion is highly questionable).



  29. Father forgive them as the bastards just dont know how to speak to another human being (if they fall into this catagory is highly questionable).

  30. Ed here again.

    I understand the anger and the fury generated by this broadcast. But I have already gone through the comments and banned the people who are being extremely hateful towards either Indians, Africans or Americans. If you want to participate, please try and be civil. I can understand hatred against Star or even George Bush. But the last thing I want this place to transform into is a depository to hate.

    If you’d like to vent your anger, I understand. But can we steer the conversation towards more productive things? Such as a campaign to inform WWPR advertisers about the kind of programming they’ll be supporting?

    Your thanks in this regard is most obliged.

    All best,

    Ed (the proprietor)

  31. Well I am not at all shocked by this incident – it only strengthens my conviction that the western world is among the most uncivilised societies in the world, which is why they have to go to such pains to prove themselves as civilised.

    Dear Indians remain cool. we cannot keep barking along with the stray dogs

  32. Media-people should realise that with their REACH comes RESPONSIBILITY… what they say INFLUENCES a lot of viewers/listeners/readers. Employers should be more careful in picking the right people

  33. Dear shivasenahater and pragmatisthater
    You are not educated at all.India did not achieve independence by the efforts of asshole gandhi but because Britain was crushed by the second world war that ended in 1945.It liberated not only India but also China,parts of Africa,Israel and many other countries.(Read the novel “The War 1939-1945”).All asshole gandhi did was create a nuisance pakistan out of my India as if it were his property.Do not get riled at me friend.Read some books first.Pragmatist is right.And I think the Englishmen were gentlemen.They made this asshole get down from the train in South Africa.I think he should have been kicked out of the moving train.:)(What a happy thought).
    Ed you have done a great job.I know the majority of Americans are decent people.Indians please stop generalizing the issue and painting all Americans with the same brush.Sorry for the diversion on the forum Ed.Will not post again unless it is to the issue involved.
    Get some education hater

  34. i think STAR was having lot of fathers

    he is in frustation his wife is fucked by a negro

    that’s why he is asking Serena williams harstyle for his daughter

  35. Did anyone notice, that Indian chick at the call centre referred to Star as ‘ Ma’am ‘.
    Well atleast she guessed the sex of this caller right.

  36. About the advertisers, both Cingular & Verizon have outsourced a lot of work to India.

    I think BPO guys working for these companies need to tell them that this is not acceptable

  37. Hi,

    It was really shocking incident. But Guys, Please dont blame all the Americans. I had been in USA for 3 years and not even a single day i had such a incident where i had gone through racism. Americans are really very friendly guys. Some Guys like RJs are there to spoil the whole lot of good people.

    Also thanks to “N” number of americans who are against the racism.

  38. Hi again
    We must look at the situation objectively. What happened here was some guy who deceided abusing someone in India was a big joke and carried it out.
    So we instead of condemning this incident with a cool head we go frothing at the mouth and use FILTHY,ABUSIVE ,RASCIST language which is even worse than the ones that the RJ used.
    Condemn the person/s responsible not the whole countryside.
    Let the demons off ur back

  39. Enough of US bashing!!!

    ‘Star’ is mentally sick. Remember Aaliyah’s incident! The only way to teach him a lesson – register your protest (in maximum numbers) with his show sponsors, employers, co-hosts etc. Deliver a message – loud and clear – you simply can’t afford to do this with India!

    Can someone post the list of Star’s present and publicly announced future sponsors, employers, co-hosts etc


  40. I am sad to see the posts by the Indians where they are using language more abusive than what ‘Star’ had used! What are we trying to do here? If you want to register your protest do it decently!

  41. Guys abusing the company or their fax devices wont hurt those high school fail RJs who know nothing but multiple choices on their tests and exams!!!
    So lets find their mailing address, email and cellphone #s and post it here and other websites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Letz give a chance for the RJs to correct themselves.

    Let the employer preach them the correct code of conduct and at the same time, there must be severe punishment awaiting at one end, if code of conduct is not followed.

  43. That another fucking moron is making money like this is not sad. Not unique at all.

    That this show draws such an audience just tells you that there is also a fucking moronic audience out there also. Which is sad.

  44. Ed here again.

    The outcry has resulted in Star & Buc Wild being suspended for a day. Thanks in part to your efforts, Power 99 FM received more email and phone calls in the entire station’s history.

    But this is only the beginning of the fight. Since the two DJs have been repeatedly hateful and since the one day suspension amounts to a consolation prize (Star & Buc Wild were moving out of Philly anyway), the DJs will quite possibly settle into the new routine at 105.1 FM in New York. If there are any able listeners in New York willing to keep track of advertisers, now would be the time to mobilize for a future campaign. Because in light of their history of abusive radio, these two will try again.

  45. I fully second the opinion expressed by Teena and Ed. Well friends, we need to be decent enough to protest and lets not generalise that “all americans are xyz”.

    Lets be effective rather than emotionally carried away.

  46. Hi Bloody Fucker RJs,

    Is your fucking society or fucking education system has taught all of you fucking bustards to behave with others people like this way?


  47. Dear Radio Station

    U must understand that more than 50% of the world(including most parts of continental Europe) hates America and what it stands for.

    I have interacted with many american and I have seen that average American is much more ignorant of the outside world and (is infact really dumb) compared average world citizen.

    Today (I am sorry to say this) being ‘American’ does not evoke any respect. It in fact evokes picture of ignorant people of poor IQ and using filthy language. with very filthy eating habits poor hygeine and cleanliness. Needless to add these guys have no culture. Beleive me this is the impression thrughout the EU and Asia.

    These highly paid stupid RJs only bolster that impression. These RJs have shown their real culture in their language.

    So for the sake of all fellow American and to save any false pride that u still have, can u air your apologies.

    Your apology repeated n no of times over the next one month can go a long way to save your and other American’s public image to the rest of the world.

    The RJs and other listeners must know that even their jobs are intact only bcos of the people who listen to their stations are gainfully employed and these listeners jobs are stable because some jobs have got outsourced to make American companies more efficient and competitive.
    Otherwise these American corporations would still sink further and lose further ground to other globally competitive organization outside the US with better work culture,efficiency and descipline.

    Finally it appears to be the silly work of a loser crying foul in a very unsportive manner and exposing himself to redicule further.

  48. This is what blatant, misguided and unchecked consumerism can do to people’s heads. Sad really, when you consider the cultural lacunae existing in a so-called developed country like the US of A.

  49. This whole reaction shows that we indians are not getting enough respect from other country’s. we need to earn respect b4 we get it. of course americans will also get their due in due course.they are getting a lot of treatment in iraq.amd they are trying to get more in some more places.we should be cool and ignore such comments and provide services to everyone. i am sure they will appreciate us more and such negative attitude towards out country will end.

  50. Some facts needs to be brought out to the notice of these fools who called themselves as Americans (the rat eaters):

    USA is run by Immigrants.

    The Indians, Japanese, Chinese, the Europeans are the one that are taking USA places.

    And dont you Americans be too confident, there are the Chinese and Indians coming to rip the balls off the American economy.

    And thats when the calls, garbage clearing and all sorts of dirty work would be outsourced to USA from India and China.

    Its just a matter of time…

  51. thecoolguy has really lost his head. the issue he is addressing has got no forum in the present context. we should all condemn such acts and see that the proper punishment is handed over to such convicts. it will act as a deterent and prevent such acts commited on service providers.

  52. I cannot belive that some fucking cunts found this funny and was laughing their ass out, human beings cannot get anything worse than this.

    It would take another billion years for these arseholes to become civilized and i am sure these people do not know absolutely nothing outside US of A, a bunch of frogs in a well.


  54. To all the Americans and other “jerks” who think that skin color matters!!!

    I am Victoria Kumar, an ex-call call center employee in Calcutta, INDIA. Ws going through the shit spoken by your RJs’ to a lady who was just doing her job.

    Call centers are booming in this part of the world due to YOUR ARROGANCE. We make your (the American or other Western country based Companies) life simpler and more cost effective. Instead of making us the object of your hatred, you ppl should start looking at your own backyard!

    We don’t come to you ppl, YOU GUYS COME TO US for Outsourcing. We didnt ask for job losses in the United States. The Corporate bosses sitting there, decided it. And Finally, we did not decide where to be born.
    “The Third World,” — we come from the Third World. If the First World countries cut such a sorry picture as yours’ , we are very much pleased to be a part of the Third World.

    GOD does not distinguish between Black and White. You do!!

    When I was working for a call center here, we used to market products of a Houston,TX based company.

    Getting tough people on the line was expected. I also have got some amazingly nice people to talk to, who gave their numbers and invited me to come over in the future.

    But, I guess the toughies make a more lasting impression. When they get nasty , they really stir our emotions. Where we come from, or which country do we belong to does not bear any impact on the product we are selling or marketing.

    But I guess, this is tough to understand for some of the “Westerners”.

    As regards the RJs’ in question, I guess the Radio Company should stop employing people with a similar mindset.

    And the RJs’ should be made to slog free for atleast a period of 12 months or have their balls chopped off!!! And the “niggers” should be painted white across the body and be made to parade nude!!!

  55. Thses rat–eaters sholud appologies on radio to every one.. for there dirty abusing language..
    Its a disgrace to we proud Americans to have such un mannered bitch to host radio shows



  58. Raam Raam

    om shanti om

    satyam shivam sundaram

    hare rama hare krishna





    “Hey Raam, inhe maaf karna, kyunki ye nahi jaante ye kya kar (kah) rahe hain”

    Mohmmad Krishna Singh Alexandar

  59. Thank you for putting up this trnscript.

    Mr. “Star” deserves far more than he has received so far.

  60. Hi my dear some indians.

    please do not abuse all american’s.please be cool.Because of two stupids we can not abuse all americans. we have good culture and have good patience so plese dont say any bad words to all americans.please keep some sense.please take my words positive.

    thanks and regards
    sreedhar proud indian)

  61. well..had americans done their bit in holding on to all those jobs they wouldn’t have gone to india.some of your brethern think that you are not good enough at the money you are demamnding for the job.
    and this lady????? looks like a half baked moron.

  62. Dear Indians,

    I apologise on behalf of all americans.

    Please forget these bullshits.

    I offer my _ _ _ for all bamboos u r offering.



    GW Bush

  63. The average Americans are jealous for having lost their jobs to Indians. Hence they behave in such a racist and abusive manner to Indians working in call centers. I have witnessed many Americans having an attitude that they are doing charity by outsourcing their operations to India and so they think they have a natural right to be foul and arrogant against those who are only trying to make a living. And on top of that they expect us to be grateful for their “charity”. I think the only way to reply these kind of calls is to answer them back in the same vien. That should teach a lesson to those filthy arrogant Americans.

  64. Give the motherfuckers back some in their own language. Listen u punk motherfuckers u brainless piece of shits & dickwads u racist pigs..Read my lips…WE HAVE YOUR JOBS..AND WE ARE GOING TO GET YOUR MONEY..WE WILL MAKE YOU BEG ON THE STREETS FOR LIVING… AND MR.Nobrainer President of yours whatshisname BUSHY cant done anything about the job exodus. Because u are nobrainers. The US companies will go bankrupt if they have to depend on piece of shits like you. So all U can do is screw yourself merry on the phones HA HA HA HA…WE HAVE YOUR JOBS BoyZ

    And Haresh..U bitch,
    U want a green card?? U forgot how I, your father, fucked u as child when u misbehaved. Bitch, Become the best manwhore for Americans first and make your fathers name proud. Get lots of cream in your ass and on your face and in your stinky little whorebutt and when u choke with mouthfull of American stinky discharge and turn green Maybe then u will get your cream card ..oops green card HAHAHAHAHA

  65. Hi
    harish father well good words u used to harish yes realy ur indian like this stupids (harish) will do like this only we have to condem them.realy haris is a americanshit eater.


  66. Hi,
    Its not easy losing your job to anyone , and it hurts more especially when it is outsourced far across the world. This is a sensitive issue to most Westerners, but the way an employee was abused racially doing her job is unpardonable. Its not funny .. Its your own loss. Its not easy working against your body clock and listening to people mouthing abuses at the dead of the night. Kudos to Steena for handling it so well, and I guess the RJ should go back to pre-school and learn some basic manners.


  67. It’s amazing to see how the american blacks have progressed from slavery and racism to committing racism on other races. These black DJ’s reflect today’s american blacks. They cannot vent their anger at the whites, so they have to take it out on others like the indians and the chinese.

    Anyway, what do these black guys know about the Indian culture to talk about. Remember that these guys came from african jungles as slaves and have not progressed much from the time that they landed in america. They are total barbarians who look like monkeys and gorillas rather than humans, with hair which looks like some sort of tangled mess. And guess what their ancestors did in africa – kill other people and eat them or eat all kinds of animals like snakes, insects and so on. Their relatives in africa still do those things.

    Maybe they should work on refining their knowledge and hair style instead of trying to call others rat eaters.

  68. Why are you taking this looser seriously. This is precisely the kind of reception he was looking for, what he needs is to be ignored, actually what he needs is to be placed in an asylum.

    I thought the call center girl behaved very decently, personally I would have egged him on till he split an artery. Sounded like someone we should feel pity for, speaks volumes of about his family background and upbringing.

  69. This is now on the front pages of India’s newspapers.

    These RJs should be fired for lowering the image of all Americans internationally.

  70. Y people r making ‘Raaee kaa pahaad” !

    take it easy!

    u r not supposed to bark back on a barking dog!


  71. Some one please check what kind of cars this person drives and what make of entertaining equipemts he has in his house, Surely they are not going to be american and this person has no problem with that.

  72. Dear Ed :

    My mail to WWPR Power 105.1 FM below –

    On your website you profess belief in non-discrimination with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc. in the context of employment. Your homepage also has an appeal for relief to Asians affected by tsunami disaster.

    Can you demonstrate your good intentions in a bigger scale by stopping the Star & Buc Wild show from January 17th, please? Hope you understand my reason!

    Thanks and God Bless,

    From the land of Mahatma Gandhi (India) to the land of Martin Luther King (USA)

  73. I really don’t understand people who live in a Country like US do stuff like this. Just because of these few assholes so mnay people all over the world do not like Americans. What are you people proud of?? You are proud of taking over a land that was not even yours? You drove away the red Indians from their home. Now it is a land of opportunity for you.
    If you guys can’t compete in a competition, just sit on your butt , drink beer, and watch sports and be AMerican.

  74. Shows the cheap nutcase trash they are? Can’t handle Indians he is?
    Indians can be racist too, but we choose not too as we are dignified and decent.

  75. To Star & Buc Wild – In your own language:

    You fucking bastard.. Looks like you are very much frustrated with the jobs outsourcing to other countries.. Is that right you mother fucker!! It looks like your sister or mother lost a job due to outsourcing and became a prostitute to earn for her living.. you son of a bith.. You bastard.. You pimp…

    You call some other person as Rat-eater.. You are a shit eater. You eat your own shit for breakfast everyday.. You eat your colleagues shit for lunch and finally you eat your neighbours shit for dinner.. You ass-hole..

    You are not eligible to live on this world.. You should die in the most ugliest fashion.. your body should be eaten away by dogs and vultures.. You rotten fucker..

    I seriously pray that you should die asap..

    Go and drink the pee of your dog.. you nasty bastard..

  76. Sadddened immensely at such outpouring of vitriolic hate. Arent we all guilty of the same things we are trying to accuse someone of?

    What higher moral grounds do we maintain to preach to someone when someone paints an entire continent (Africa) based on one person. Is this Star fellow that important? Arent we giving him more importance and representation than is due.

    Ah well…..

    Peace and Love

  77. I checked out the racist bullshit what Americans have started as they dont wanna work and neither want anyone to get the work, these racist CUNTS should be killed as they were in sept 9/11 by ARABS but now this time by INDIANS.
    I will make sure that i will kill atleast one American in india if i see him on the streets and will make sure i make him eat MY SHIT before killing those racist cunts who have come to my country to get their IT bullshit work to be done.
    I am a supporter of Human rights and will see to it that this time no peace but KILL ANY AMERICAN IF U SEE THEM ON THE STREETS OF INDIA.

    I would even call indians as pussies as they fight in between themselves and not with these ouside bastards, the POLITICIANS IN INDIA R THE BIGGEST PUSSIES and fuckin money eaters and they know nothing they should be shot dead on the streets of india as they have to protest against these racist comments.

    All motherfucking Americans u have called trouble to ur country and there will be a big disaster again and many white cunts will die and this time noone is gonna cry r u cunts.


  78. These two hosts and all those who laughed at that conversation or any such converstation are mentally ill and they need to consult a psychiatrist immediately or else commit suicide and die.

    In any other country such guys would have been admitted in a mental asylum or else they would have been killed but definitely they would not have been allowed to live alongwith other citizens in a civilized society.

  79. This is hight of stupidity, The F******ker who made that call does he think it is funny if same thing told to his daughter or wife are they are going to laugh, Is there any way we can sue his ass for this. I am really pissed off with this

  80. Hi,

    This is Raj from India and just few words for the people from other side ….


  81. All I have to say is this:

    As I read through the responses here, I find a lot of us increasingly sounding a lot worse than Mr. Star.

    Maybe we need to look into ourselves and our insecurities that make us behave like this.

    Peace and Love

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