Star & Buc Wild Suspended

It’s a small achivement that doesn’t mean as much in light of the move to New York. But it’s an achievement nonetheless. The outcry has resulted in Star & Buc Wild being suspended for a day. Thanks in part to your efforts, Power 99 FM received more email and phone calls in the entire station’s history.

But this is only the beginning of the fight. Since the two DJs have been repeatedly hateful and since the one day suspension amounts to a consolation prize (Star & Buc Wild were moving out of Philly anyway), the DJs will quite possibly settle into the new routine at 105.1 FM in New York. If there are any able listeners in New York willing to keep track of advertisers, now would be the time to mobilize for a future campaign. Because in light of their history of abusive radio, these two will try again.

[UPDATE: Again, because the racism and the hatred in the comments are too prevalent, and I have neither the time nor the inclination to moderate, I have closed the thread. I have tried to remove some of the more racist messages and have banned the IP addresses of those who would use this site to preach hatred. Some of you folks should be ashamed of yourselves.]


  1. My congratulations to all Indian and American friends who contributed to Anti Star and Buc Wild campaign. However, our task is not yet finished. As all of us know those ‘self-proclaimed haters’ are moving to NY to join Power 105.1 fm. I would request all of you to take a moment and write to Power 105.1 fm (details given below) and register our protest.

    Mailing Address:
    Power 105.1 FM
    1120 6th Ave
    New York, NY 10036

    General email:
    Josefa Paganuzzi (+1-212-398-8061)
    Don MacLeod (+1-212-822-4535)


    LETS DO IT!!!

  2. I wonder such racial people are allowed to live in US. We should wipe such people off or send them to Guantanamo Bay jails and f*** their happiness for the whole life.

  3. Hello Motherchood bastard DJ

    How dare can you insult any person like this, if you want American job back, please use your brain not your stupid mouth.

    I hope you will go to hell

  4. Friends,

    This is just a tip of a ICE BERG. There are many more cases which go unnoticed just becuase there is nobody to help those poor call center people. Lets not forgive this American RJ and make it as an example for the SOB.


  5. Lets work on finding out the Home Phone number of Mr.Troi and his personal Cell and his home address. Then he would know what happens if you invade someone’s privacy or make racial comments.

  6. These DJ’s don’t have the “man” in them to face the people. If they have anything against us come forward, madarchods. Ek Kaloo ka baap.

  7. Ed here. Again, I ask for civility or I will close this thread too.

    1. As an American, I can assure you that many Americans, despite being nice, don’t truly grasp the actions of their government. (Yes, the apolitical number greatly here.) Please don’t draw the same kind of generalizations about a race or a people here (whether American, Indian, or African) or I will close this thread.

    2. To invade Tori Torain’s privacy by obtaining his home phone number is to resort to his level.

    3. To respond to hatred with hatred is to resort to his level.

    If you would like to talk about a plan of action, then I will happily allow you your say. But I don’t want this site to turn into a beacon for hatred of ANY type. And I’m the one who pays for the bandwidth. So either behave or I will close the thread.

    Thanks again,

    The Proprietor

  8. Hi,
    This is regarding the recent unacceptable behaviour by the RJ’s Star and Buc (wild) morons . If they are so concerned about outsourcing to India they they should try and educate their children and not make them work at Some convinient store or grocery stores. These stupid people who are take pride in complaining /cursing the people cos of outsourcing should feel ashamed that they r loosing jobs due to incompetence here in US .
    The suspension of Star and Buc show that the Radio channel management is less concerend about the people who listen to it and promote this kind of behaviour …its a fucking shame on their part too. I think they should try and drown themselves in a glass of water 🙂

    -:Mess with the best and die like the rest:-

  9. Many thanks to the proprietor for bringing this to our notice. The America I know is not like this. No one wants jobs outsourced abroad, but victimizing workers is a terrible way to deal with it. We hope the listeners in NY will not entertain hate and racism.

  10. its so sad that they are even on radio and people used to listen to them who the hell in the right mind hired such morons

  11. it will be great to have everyone voice their opinion the address and phone number for clear channel is : 2108323350
    clear channel
    200 east basse rd
    san antonio texas 78209

    take a few mins to stop the hatred

  12. Its Unfortunately, that these kind of dj’s are suspended only for a day. These radio stations should be boycotted for standing behind such ugly dj’s. It shows that the station authorities don’t care either and they’re just as responsible as those two idiots. I can’t believe the management there, all they can do is present empty apologies and suspend those idiots for a day….If I had my way..I would make sure..those idiots would never be dj’s again until learn to respect.

  13. How if we called Star & Buc black Nigg*rs FIT for the dung in africa? wud that sound better start * buc
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  14. apology apology apology – fm theese 2 Black Ni*g*f – first a apology on air, then apology by the cahnnel on air & then let them call the same back office in india & apologise there too.
    otherwise friends let us boycott this radio station.

  15. I wonder if it be a feasable way of thwarting them to encourage people to flood the hotline of their show with annoying calls. (not abusive calls, since *we* are ladies and gentlemen, but just annoying calls)

  16. Guys,

    These uneducated ugly looking brothers have their own web site:

    This site has their voice mail number and a link to send emails to them (I’m sure these idiots cannot read and will seek help from a call center worker to read it for them). So flood their email inbox and voice mail.

  17. Shud bead their balls with that same machine and ask his white daughter to chop them off coz they look ugly.

  18. star and buc mother,wife, daugter should be called in as ist grade bitches, in front of them. I guess they might learn from it, otherwisw the F word with them will do the magic.

  19. those 2 should not be suspended 4 one day,they should be suspended life time,they dont know the cultures f*** bas***** ,they dont know the value of woman ,thats why they have guts to tell like this,bloody rasicts.they have no cultures recieved from thier parents thats why,they think they can say whatever they want.but beleive me after this act god will not protect them and i swear they gonna cry from this day.bloody fu*****

  20. Teri Maa Ko chodh re gandu,
    Rat eater????
    What is that??? Maybe thats what he has for lunch….his brains prove it….

  21. Hi Ed thanks for posting this.

    I’m really surprised when I listend to this audio. We can realize how ignorent these guys are. They should apologize to this girl (Steana). I forwarded the transcript and audio file to my 100 indian friends. As somebody said writing a letter is more efficient. I’m planning to send a letter to NY Station (These guys are planning to move to this station).

    Here is what we can do about this issue as an Indian
    (1) Send a protest letter to radiation station that aired this program (least priority). Please check for address, phone#(to leave voice mail) somewhere on this site
    (2) Send a letter to NY station explaining how bad these guys are

    (3)Please tell your friends do the same thing.

    Because this outsource backlash taking new dimensions every day. I read some news on this issue earlier. This one became more popular b’coz it has audio version. When you listen this trash you are going to react.

  22. The lession to be learned from all of this folks, is that you can never straighten a dogs’s tail.

  23. Due these RJs even understand the basics of economics or world trade?!!

    Its better they focus on playing their records better, than getting into such useless activities.


  24. I think it’s fine to do this. However u have to be in India and in that city then I will say Mr DJ u r man — otherwise you are pu**y !

    If you have guts go to India and then make any such call or call again S to say Sorry.

  25. Please donot drop to the level RJ’s did. as i know a few African americans who are real cool and just 2 bad people donot make the whole community bad.

  26. Thanks a lot to all Americans for speaking up against this nonsense.I love this country and I know it does not stand for 2 dumb asses.
    Do they realize that many of these call center guys are also breadwinners? There is nothing called welfare in India , if you lose a job, you are on the streets.What is the point of harassing someone who is only doing her job? She is not a multi-million dollar company trying to save bucks by outsourcing.Does it ever bother you that Chinese work in sweatshops so that you can get stuff cheap in your walmarts? Let us see you call China and complain.No we don’t care, DO WE!!

  27. fight the power

    star and buc have been suspended. after receiving “more protest emails and phone calls than it had for any past incident” power 99 suspended the duo from the january 12th broadcast. it’s only for a day, but it’s a start….

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